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Cableset for Phaserunner Motor Controller

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  • 3107-AK

Different cable sets for Grin Phaserunner

Here you can find the different cable sets for use with Phaserunner Controller from Grin.

Cable set - please choose above:

1) Battery only (choose "nur Akkukabel")

  • 80 cm High Flex Battery Cable from XT60 to Anderson 45 (2x 13 + 2x 18 AWG)

2) BBSHD:  

  • 80 cm High Flex Battery Cable from XT60 to Anderson 45 (13+18 AWG)
  • 70 cm Phase (MT60), Halls (JST), prewired for the BBS-HD
  • 150 cm Phaserunner to Cycle Analyst V3 (new 8 pin waterproof CA plug, cableset with JST plug on request)

Temp-Sensor and PAS are used from the BBSHD, but can be used in a combination with a Cycle Analyst only.

3) Standard:

  • 80 cm High Flex Battery Cable from XT60 to Anderson 45 (2x 13 + 2x 18 AWG)
  • 115 cm Phase-/Hall-Cable from MT60 to Anderson 45 (12 AWG) and 2x JST for Hall

4) HiGo Z910

  • 80 cm High Flex Battery Cable from XT60 to Anderson 45 (13+18 AWG)
  • 97 cm Phase (MT60), Halls (JST) to 9pin waterproof Z910 HiGo motor plug
  • 9th pin wire lead is located under the heat shrink wrap on MT60 end of the harness. To be used for G31X speed pickup by replacing the 6th pin on the CA JST connector

Information about Phaserunner-Controller (unfortunately not available at the moment)

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 99 x 40 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 0.26 kg
  • Max Battery Amps: 50 A
  • Battery Range: 20V to 90V (21S Li-Ion, 24s LiFe)
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
  • MOSFETs 6X 100V, 3mOhm
  • Made in Canada by Grin

Requires PC setup to mate and configure with a given motor, it will not be plug-and-play, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have that.

It is ideally suited for running brushless motors for electric vehicles in the 500-2000 watt power range, and once you have experienced the smooth response of a FOC with a torque throttle it's hard to go back to a the setup you had before. This controller was designed as a universal device that can fit on almost any bicycle frame and handle almost any motor system. You can power it from a 24V battery or a 72V battery, and run your phase current to peaks of over 90 amps, though the continuous current capability without additional heatsinking is typically 45-50A. The wiring is paired down to the bare basics for a nice clutter-free installation. Including a throttle, Cycle Analyst and programming plug. Optional cable to your motor and cable to your battery pack.


  • Remote on/off switch compatible
  • Direct plug for both V2 and V3 Cycle Analysts
  • Proportional regen available through throttle signal or stand alone wire
  • Works both Sensored and Sensorless, and even with very high eRPMs (60,000 eRPM+)
  • Waterproof, 100% potted electronics
  • Fully programmable parameters (regen voltage, max phase and battery currents etc.)
  • Field Weakening allows you to run motors faster than normal back-emf limit
  • Higher motor efficiency at low speeds / high torques
  • Torque based throttle command (no twitchy throttle with powerful system)
  • Automatic thermal rollback to prevent controller overheating

For much more information and software, go to the GRIN website, click here

and at Endless Sphere FORUM

For the BBSHD:

Unscrew the controller

cut out the hall sensor connector

connect Phase, Hall and PAS and seal the connectors with silicone
Also the temp sensor is used. You can order a empty controller housing in our webshop.

connect Battery, Phase, Hall, Cycle Analyst to the Phaserunner

to the Cycle Analyst: 5V to AUX, 10K thermistor, throttle, CA-connector from Phaserunner, PAS.

Use the Autotune software for the new setup, you need a programming cable

Some more infos and setup you can find on Endless Sphere

and also for the Ultra

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