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Accessories for your Bafang & CYC battery

This category includes battery bags, battery replacement rail, and battery mounts. By choosing of bottle mount batteries, the required mounting plate (battery holder) is already included. The battery holder "Bottle Bob" is often used as additional battery fixing.




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Battery Safe Bag
This battery safe bag is made of high-quality fiberglass material, heat resistant and prevents the fire from spreading to easily flammable materials in case of battery fire. Use the battery safe bag for transport and store of your...
€44.99 * €49.99 *
Hailong casing battery discharging connector
These Hailong case discharging connectors fit for Hailong 01, Hailong 02 and Hailong 03 casing battery. There are 2 types of connectors for Hailong case: - 4-pin (blade contacts) - 5-pin (golden round contacts). The outter diameters are...
€15.99 *
Spare Battery holder for Super/Jumbo Shark Battery
Battery holder for Super Shark or Jumbo Shark Battery . Dimensions: 345 x 65 x 12 mm (25 mm on one side) Delivered with 30 cm cable length and anderson connector. This Battery holder is already included in our bottle mount batteries...
€39.99 *
Battery Holder Bottle Bob
With this Bottle Bobs you can secure your Downtube and Water Bottle Batterie to frames without eyelets Helps when installing downtube and waterbottle batteries on bike frames that don't have properly located waterbottle braze-ons. Or...
€34.99 *

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