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Sensors for Bafang & CYC

Looking for different sensors for your Bafang BBS or CYC motor? Here you will find gearsensor (recommended), brake sensors (for mechanical and hydraulic brakes), PAS sensor, speed sensor and push button sensor. Also the popular Magura MT5e hydraulic disc brake - with integrated brake sensor. You can find more details in our product descriptions.

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CYC X1 Pro Gen1 PAS Sensor
PAS sensor for the 1st generation CYC X1 PRO motors This sensor is mounted on the axle of Gen1 Motor (no torque sensor) and connected with stock controller (yellow 3-pin HIGO plug - waterproof). An additional adapter cable is required...
€29.99 * €39.99 *
Magura MT5e Disc Brake for Bafang w/o Brake Disc
Original Magura MT5e Disc Brake for Bafang and CYC Brakes everything, also your motor – experience from motorbike sector paired with e-bike know-how. Braking force of 4 pistons and high stability ensure s-pedelecs benefit from more...
From €119.99 *
Bafang BBS E-brake sensor for hydraulic brakes
Retrofit brake sensors for Bafang and CYC motors This ebrake sensor is a reed switch with magnet, it is plug and play compatible with the Bafang BBS01, BBS02, BBSHD and CYC motors. The motor will cut off, when the brakes are activated...
€24.99 *
für Ketten- und
schont Kette
Gearsensor for Bafang BBS, Intelligent shifting...
Interrupts the motor power during shifting process - protects chain, gear and chainrings! We have the newest generation on stock, which can be used for both REAR Derailleur and Internal Gear Hub . The new model is called GS and has a...
€62.99 *
Bafang BBS Speed Sensor and Magnet Replacement
Original Bafang Speedo Set, suitable for BBSHD, BBS02 and BBS01. Included are these components: Speedsensor Mounting Bracket Magnet I had a report, that the sensor did work only horizontaly, check that first.
€31.99 *
Gearsensor Shifting cable adapter
Use it to mount your Gearsensor directly to the shifter or on your frame. Makes a tighter fit and straight shifting cable. Especially made for Gearsensor.
€4.99 *
Bafang BBS Push Button Ebrake
Interrupts motor support while you push the Button This is a Push-Button switch - connected to 1 of the Bafang or CYC E-Brake Connectors (3 Pin Higo connector yellow). When the button is pushed, the motor immediately stops. This allows...
€23.99 *
Bafang BBS brake levers for mechanical brakes
Brake levers with integrated brake sensors for Bafang and CYC Left and right brake lever for mechanical brake (v-brakes), w ith yellow HIGO connector. Cable length: 30 cm Brakes with cable are not widespread - hydraulic brakes are more...
€15.99 *

Questions about our sensors?

If our detailed product description can´t answer all your questions, please write an email or give us a call - we will help you!