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Cables for Bafang, CYC and other systems

You are looking for the right cable for your Bafang BBS or CYC system? These items can also be used with other systems. Here you can find programming cables, Y-splitter cables, main wiring harness, different extension cables, velcro strech sleeve and spiral wrapping band for optical design. Further details can be found in their article description.

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Bafang BBS programming cable USB
Programming cable to change the controller settings - compatible with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 und BBSHD motors! Practical cable length of about 2 m - to find your right place for Laptop and Bike Green 5-pin HIGO connector on one side (main...
€31.99 *
5 Pin HIGO Cable
Cable length: ca. 1 m, the green HIGO plug (female) is compatible with green display-plug on the wiring harness and has the following pinout: Black: GND Green: TXD White: RXD Brown: P+ Orange: PL This cable can also be used to create a...
€4.99 * €7.99 *
Bafang BBS and CYC Splitter Cable Brake Gearsensor
Splitter cable for Bafang and CYC Motors If you want to use two brake sensors and one Gearsensor on the handlebar or two Gearsensors and one brake sensor , then this splitter is recommended. Cable length appr. 20 cm Works with the yellow...
€23.99 *
50 cm
Bafang BBS Speedo Sensor Extension Cable
Please choose 50 or 100 cm. You may need this extension cable, if you build a trike, which has the motor in the front and the speed gets measured on the back wheel. You can use also more than one in a row. Works with Bafang BBS01, BBS02...
€26.99 *
Spiral Wrapping Band Black, Cable Ø 6–30mm
Easily applied to electric harness, cables and wire bundles. Looks better and give you a better mechanical protection. Flexible construction enable bands to follow wire ways easily Durable, reusable with retained spiral strength Fix ends...
€4.99 *
passt zu Akku-
Stecker BBSHD
Anderson Powerpole cable battery connector
Cable with Anderson Powerpole plug This cable has a length of appr. 50 cm and is included in the delivery of Bafang BBSHD motor . At one side there are Anderson Powerpole plugs, which can be used to max. 30A. On the other side there are...
€3.99 * €4.99 *
Velcro Stretch Sleeve, Wire Cover
Suitable for collecting and hiding cables, as well as protecting them from dirt. We mostly use it to hide the remaining cable lengths of display, throttle, etc. It´s already part of the Cycle Analyst V3.
€8.99 *
100 cm
Bafang BBS Throttle Brake Gearsensor Extension...
Extension cable, each with plug and socket, one meter in length. Can be used for extension of throttle , brake or Gearsensor . Works with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD.
€23.99 *
50 cm
Bafang BBS Display Extension Cable 50 cm
If the standard cable length of your display is too short, you will need this extension cable. The length is around 50 cm. Works with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD.
€26.99 *
35 oder 57 cm
Bafang BBS Extension Cable for Wiring Harness...
You can choose between 35 cm and 57 cm length. If you have a tandem, trike or a special construction, sometimes you need a extension for all the wires going to display, brake and throttle. You can also use several extensions. For BBS01,...
From €26.99 *
Bafang Wiring Harness EB-BUS Splitter
4 in 1 with connector: 1x throttle (3 Pin Higo connector yellow - male) 1x display (5 Pin Higo connector green - male) 1x brake sensor or gearsensor (3 Pin Higo connector yellow - female) 1x brake sensor or gearsensor (3 Pin Higo...
€39.99 *
Programmierkabel für
Cycle Analyst
Cycle Satiator
Programming cable USB TTL for Cycle Analyst,...
This cable is used to program, update and log the Cycle Analyst , Phaserunner and Satiator with a Computer. Cable length: 300 cm It is equippent with a genuine FTDI FT232R chipset, probably you need to install the driver Works for Cycle...
€31.99 *

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