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52V Customized Battery built to your measurements with Samsung 35E cells

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Delivery time 14 Workdays

Parallele Zellen:

  • 14S-3500-1
  • Including 35 A BMS (data sheet in the download)
  • The cells are pre-sorted, A grade
  • Glued, soldered and shrink-wrapped
  • Including car fuse holder with 40A fuse
  • with silicone wires and different plugs

You can send us a drawing with the arrangement of the cells and we build your wish. The cells have a diameter of approx. 18.5 mm, the BMS approx. L80 mm x W65 mm x T16 mm. You can find a sample drawing in the pictures.

For a parallel arrangement of 4P, 56 cells are required, 5P 70 cells, 6P 84 cells, 7P 98 cells, etc.

To obtain the total weight, multiply the amount of cells x 50 grams/cell plus approximately 150 grams of BMS. A 14S 5P weighs approximately 3.65 kg.

14S Batteries are often used for the Bafang BBS motor and have a charging voltage of 58.8 V. A corresponding charger must be purchased separately.

Optionally you can have a BMS with more amps and Bluetooth

The cell has the following technical data:
Battery capacity: 3.500 mAh
Rated voltage: 3,6/3.7 V
Charging voltage: 4.2 V
Max. Discharge current: 3C 10 A
Max. Charge current: 0.5C 1.65 A
Discharge voltage: 2.5 V
Chemistry: LiNiCoAl

The lifetime of lithium batteries can be extended considerably if it is not 100% charged every time (or 4.2 V per cell), see also the info picture

We offer this battery in cooperation with a battery builder in Germany, the dispatch is directly from Germany. The batteries are built individually and 3-5 working days are necessary for the production. Batteries are dangerous goods and cost slightly more in shipping. Any special request is possible, also different BMS and other voltages are available.

what does parallel and serial mean?

Batteries must be protected against mechanical damage, overheating, short circuit, deep discharge, overloading, water

How to Prolong the Life of an 18650 Battery

Available downloads:
Customer evaluation for "52V Customized Battery built to your measurements with Samsung 35E cells"

52V und 2000Wh

Jawohl, so geht Reichweite. Fasterbikes hat mir einen Hammerakku gemacht - damit fahr ich teilweise über 300 km!

Preiswerte Maßanfertigung

Habe mir über Fasterbike einen passenden Akku für mein MTB Fully machen lassen, da ich für den Flaschenhalterakku leider keinen Platz am Bike habe. Das klappte allerdings sehr gut, der Platz ist nun super ausgenutzt (14S 7P). Auch der Preis war für mich mehr als ok.

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