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Throttles for Bafang & CYC

In this category you will find compatible throttles for your Bafang BBS or CYC Motor. If you use CYC X1 Pro Generation 2 with ASI BAC controller, these throttles are also compatible. All these items can be used via plug & play with Bafang BBS or CYC Motor - except Domino throttle. This one can also be combined with other systems and purposes. Further details can be found in our product description.

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Bafang BBS Stock Thumb Twist Throttle

for Bafang BBS

€21.99 *
Bafang BBS Half Twist Throttle left
Works with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD. Comes with bar handles for left and right side. With yellow HIGO plug  premium range of Wuxing , model FT76X Cable length: 30 cm
€21.99 * €27.99 *
Extra Slim Right Split Twist Throttle for...
Extra Slim OD of 36mm fits under lever shifters and brake lever housings Uses 3 pin JST-SM connector (compatible with CA V3) or yellow HIGO female connector for Bafang BBS Cable Length 140 cm (JST CA) or 35 cm (Bafang BBS) Comes with...
€29.99 *
ohne Stecker
Domino Premium Full Twist Grip Throttle
without connector and 100 cm cable length Micro switch max 2A / 24V Handlebar tightening torque 1,5 to 1,7 Nm This throttle uses a linear potentiometer (IP67). In addition a built in microswitch is integrated, which can be connected as...
€89.99 *
Bafang BBS Left Thumb Throttle
Works with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD with yellow Higo connector Model Wuxing 108X-L Works also for trigger finger on the right side Cable length: 45 cm  Works also with Adaptto controllers for variable regenerative brake regulation....
€29.99 *

Questions about our throttles?

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