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1000W E-Bike mid drive motor Bafang BBSHD 48V 52V 30A

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  • 1100M-120M

Turn your bike into an e-bike - with Bafang motors 

In addition to the normal commercial ebikes, there are lots of conversion-systems available. "Bafang" is one of the leading manufacturers in this area - both for e-components and complete systems.

Functional principle and advantages of Bafang BBS01/02/HD mid drive motors 


What means mid-drive-motor? 

There are 3 different ways to mount the motor, when converting your bike into an E-Bike:

  • Front wheel (hub motor)
  • Rear wheel (hub motor)
  • Bottom bracket - in the "middle" (mid motor, mid drive motor)

Compared to hub motor, the mid drive motor doesn´t transmit the power directly to the wheel, but to the bicycle chain. This means, your rear bicycle gears can also be used with motor assist, which is not only an advantage when riding uphill. Further advantages are ideal weight distribution, low centre of gravity and a very natural riding experience. Furthermore, the front and rear wheels can still be changed without any problems.

Bafang BBS motor function is very simple: The electric motor powers the front chainring with an internal gear ratio of 22:1. An integrated clutch makes it possible, that the crank arms won´t be moved while the chainring rotates forward.



Exploded view of Bafang BBSHD Motor (BBS01 and BBS02 are the same design)

1Motor housing12Screws
2Stator13Triangle mounting plate
3Rotor14Mounting screws
4Controller15First (inner) lockring
5Housing coverPAS discclutch      16Second (outer) lockring
6Gasket stator side17Chainring
7Gasket controller side18Chainring screws
8Gasket drive side19Left crank (L)
9Bolt for adjustment20Right crank (R)
10Allen screws21Crank arm bolts


Bafang BBS advantages:

  • Motor is very silent
  • Pedaling resistance is very low, even without system operation
  • Bafang BBS motors are very low maintenance
  • Spare parts available and easily to change for yourself (many clips on youtube for assistance)
  • Lots of system components selectable (chainrings, display, battery, ...)


Technical comparison of our 3 different Bafang motors: 

MotorBBS01 250WBBS02 500wBBSHD 1000W
Max. Ampere15A20A30A
Max. Torque80 Nm90-100 Nm160 Nm
Motor weight3,7 kg3,7 kg5,6 kg
Battery voltage (nominal)36V48V / 52V48V / 52v
ControlPAS-Sensor (Pedal sensor, cadence)PAS-Sensor (Pedal sensor, cadence)PAS-Sensor (Pedal sensor, cadence)
Torque sensorNoNoNo
Backpedal brake possibleNoNoNo
Throttle possibleYesYesYes
Gearsensor/Brake sensor connectionsYesYesYes


Convert your bike into an ebike - but how to do? 

The conversion is very easy and can be done by anyone with a little manual skill. Briefly described:

  • Bottom bracket has to be removed
  • Mounting Bafang motor by fixing with triangle and both lockrings
  • Battery fixing on bottle holder
  • Connecting the cables

In our video we have shown this in detail:

Attention: Please observe the regulations of your country if you use this drive unit on public roads and paths. If so, you have to adjust the motor settings - in particular max. power, speed and throttle - according to these regulations. The user is responsible for compliance with these regulations. Otherwise, this product may only be used on private and secured terrain!

Upgrade your bike with the most powerful mid drive electric bike kit from Bafang! Equipped with a 12fet controller with 30A and the possibility to use 14S 58,8V batteries, the motor provides 1.6 kW peak! 

With this powerful and quiet motor with 160 Nm you can climb everywhere. A easy installation and the power transmission on all bike gears also allow long mountain climbs without overheating. The Bafang BBSHD Impulsis is significantly more robust than its little brother BBS02 with 30A constant power available. It has a internal gear ratio of 21.9:1, which allows higher RPMs for a better efficiency.


This motor fits to bottom brackets from 68 to 120 mm:
68 mm = 68 to 75 mm
90 mm = 75 to 92 mm (e.g. Pressfit BB92)
100 mm = 90 to 100 mm
120 mm = 100 to 120 mm
The axle size is measured without the thread. eventually you need some washers, to have a flat triangle plate.

Delivered with:

  • Fixing parts
  • all the necessary cables and connectors, including a Anderson 45 wire to your battery
  • speed sensor
  • optional with extra connector for Gearsensor and 6V light cable with approx. 500 mA. The DPC18 display (not included) has its own light switch, which supplies power to the connector and turns a connected light on. The controller has an additional connection for the Gearsensor, so that both brake connections on the handlebar can be used. If these plugs are not used, they should be sealed, that no water can cause electronic damage. The Gearsensor isn't included.  


Gearsensor & Light 

You can choose between different displayschainringsthrottles and accessories.

You need a special tool for the axle, the second ring can be tighten with the bottom bracket bearing tool for Shimano, SRAM, … For the rest Allen tools are required.

We recommend the use of sensors - for example gearsensor or brake sensor.

The motor axle has a diameter of 33.4 mm and is installed instead of the bottom bracket. A bicycle frame with BSA bearings (e.g. Shimano Hollowtech) has the appropriate diameter for the motor, with BB92 and BB30 bearings an individual adapter is required. Some of them we have here… 

If you want to reprogram the controller settings please use the USB programming cable.


You can use 48V 13S and 52V 14S batteries, it doesn't work for 36V. You can set also a low voltage cutoff in the programming (40-43V).


Bafang Mid-Drive Motor – Retrofit Your Bike

A Bafang mid-drive motor is an electric motor located near the crankshaft axis of a bicycle. In the case of Bafang, it is a brand that manufactures a range of mid-drive motors for e-bikes. The Bafang mid-drive motor is typically installed in the bottom bracket area of the bicycle frame, creating a central position for the motor. This type of drive is popular due to its efficiency and balanced center of gravity. With a Bafang mid-drive motor, any conventional bicycle can be converted into an e-bike. Some special features of the Bafang mid-drive motor include:

  • Power: Bafang offers various models of mid-drive motors with different power levels, ranging from models for everyday commuting to powerful motors for mountain bikes.
  • Assist Modes: The motors are often equipped with different assist modes, allowing the cyclist to choose the level of electric assistance.
  • Integrated Design: Bafang mid-drive motors are often designed to seamlessly integrate into the overall bike design. This includes the integration of batteries, control systems, and other components.
  • Cadence Sensing: Bafang ebike conversion motors of the BBS series feature motor assistance based on crank movement, also known as cadence sensing. This means they operate with the same efficiency with little effort.
  • Versatility: Bafang offers motors that can be used in various types of bicycles, including city and trekking bikes, e-mountain bikes, and folding bikes.

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor – Advantages

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of a Bafang mid-drive motor:

  • Natural Riding Feel: Bafang mid-drive motors often provide a more natural riding feel compared to other drive systems. The central placement of the motor in the bottom bracket area creates a more balanced weight distribution of the bicycle.
  • Efficiency: Mid-drive motors utilize the bicycle's gear shifting more effectively, leading to a more efficient use of energy and better range.
  • Powerful Assistance: Bafang mid-drive motors offer powerful electric assistance, especially in hilly terrain or challenging riding conditions.
  • Integrated Design: Many Bafang mid-drive motors are designed to seamlessly integrate into the design of the e-bike. This can create an aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Low Wear: Mid-drive motors result in lower wear on components such as the chain and gears compared to other types of drives. This contributes to the longevity of the entire drive system.
  • Quiet Operation: The mid-drive motors operate very quietly and are not disruptive in any way.
  • Maintenance: Bafang mid-drive motors require minimal maintenance, and replacement parts can be easily exchanged – all without special tools. This allows you to easily disassemble, maintain, and repair the motors.

Another point: System components such as chainrings, displays, or batteries are freely selectable.

Self-Installing a Bafang Mid-Drive Motor

You can install a Bafang mid-drive motor yourself with some skill. The bottom bracket is removed, the motor is installed and secured with retaining rings, then the battery is added, and finally, the wiring is connected with connectors. You can find detailed instructions in our provided video. Alternatively, you can use our e-bike retrofit service. Get your Bafang mid-drive motor today and enjoy the conveniences of an e-bike.

Customer evaluation for "1000W E-Bike mid drive motor Bafang BBSHD 48V 52V 30A"

Kaum zerstörbar

Fahre den Motor nun seit 5 jahren und bin immer noch sehr zufrieden damit. Er hat bereits 17.000 km abgespult - ich glaube jedes E-Bike von der Stange hätte schon längst den Geist aufgegeben. Da sieht man, dass die Qualität offensichtlich passt. Weiter so.

Happy with this motor

I have converted several bicycles into e-bikes using Bafang mid-drive motors. I purchased all the motors from this dealer. All the motors run smoothly, and they have easily replaceable components. Spare parts are affordable, and the dealer is knowledgeable and provides assistance with technical questions or issues even after the purchase.

Langlebiger Motor

Ich habe mehrere Fahrräder erfolgreich mit Bafang Mittelmotoren zu E-Bikes umgerüstet. Die Motoren laufen problemlos, haben leicht austauschbare Teile, und Ersatzteile sind kostengünstig. Der Händler ist kompetent und hilfsbereit bei technischen Fragen. Im Vergleich zu Markenmotoren bevorzuge ich die Bafang-Mittelmotoren, da sie robuster sind. Der Bbshd mit 1000 Watt ist besonders kraftvoll und zuverlässig.

Ein guter Motor eben

stark, robust, zuverlässig

habe diesen motor in mein trike eingebaut, er ist unglaublich kraftvoll und wie die anderen hier schon schreiben unglaublich leise. man hört ihn einfach nicht. danke an fasterbikes für die tolle beratung!!!

Adoro il motore bbshd

Powerful, silent motor with limitations

This motor offers powerful performance and operates silently, making for a smooth and enjoyable ride. However, the motor's weight is a downside, as it adds bulk to the bike, and the cadence control can feel less intuitive compared to other options. Overall, it's a decent motor with its strengths in power and quiet operation, but it's not without its drawbacks in terms of weight and control.

Überraschend leise

Hab meine Bestellung vor kurzem bekommen und bin sehr überrascht wie leise der Motor läuft. Dagegen läuft das E-Bike meiner Frau wie ein Traktor, haha.

Old but gold

If you want an ebike motor that runs, go with this one. On the market for years, reliable, robust and silent. I use my bbshd motor for 5 years now. I just bought one again for my friend.

Great Motor

I love this bafang motor, easy to handle, easy to mount, easy to adjust and super silent. Great!

Einfach super Bafang!

Schon lange am Markt, aber immer noch ein Top-Motor. Sehr powervoll, mega leise (man hört echt nichts!), robust und vor allem - sehr zuverlässig! So muss ein E-Bike Motor sein. Werde meine anderen Fahrräder auch mit diesem Motor umrüsten. Auch vielen Dank an das freundliche und kompetente Team von FasterBikes. Mit euch macht es Spaß. ;-)

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