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Frequently asked questions

Any questions? - We have the answer!

Here you will find a summary of frequently asked questions about our online store and our products. However, if any of your questions remain unanswered, just give us a call or send an email to welcome@fasterbikes.eu.

We are working on adding a corresponding search bar to the site. Until then, we ask you to use the page search function of the browser (usually accessible under Ctrl+F). Links work via right mouse button -> open link in new tab.

Questions about the system
Can any bicycle be converted?

Basically, it can be said that our conversion sets can be used wherever the motor can be mounted. Especially with mounting widths of 68-120 mm, this is possible without much effort.

Here are some bike types:

  • Road bike
  • Triathlon bike
  • Recumbent bike
  • Handbike
  • Hardtail
  • Fatbike
  • Dirtbike
  • Tandem
  • Fullybike
  • Enduro MTB
  • Cyclocross
  • Trekking bike
  • City bike
  • Singlespeed bike
  • Cargo bike
  • Velomobile

You are welcome to send us a request if you want to electrify failed systems. In many cases, with a little craftsmanship and the right adapters the conversion is feasible. If the battery does not find a place on the bike, the use of a backpack battery or customized battery is also possible.

What should I look for when buying a new bike so that the conversion is as easy as possible?

If you don't have a bike to convert yet, we recommend that you consider the following when buying a bike (new or used):

Bafang BBS engines (01/02/HD):

  • BSA bottom bracket: easy assembly, no adapter required.
  • Bicycle frame made of aluminum (no carbon): easy mounting, no adapter required
  • Consider space for bottle cage battery in frame triangle (consider rear suspension)
  • Front better 3 chainrings: optimal chainline after conversion more feasible (see point chainline)
  • Steeply rising down pipe: thus more ground clearance after conversion (motor position higher)
  • If possible, no protruding parts in the area of the motor position

CYC X1 engines

  • BSA or BB92 bottom bracket
  • Bicycle frame made of aluminum (no carbon)
  • Consider space for bottle cage battery in frame triangle (consider rear suspension).
  • If the alternative motor position is to be achieved, then the rear suspension and the shape of the down tube should also be considered

Of course, bikes can also be converted, which do not comply with the above points (other bottom bracket, carbon frame, etc.). We would like to show you herewith only the most optimal conditions for conversion.

Which components are necessary for conversion- and which are optional?

In addition to the engine (incl. controller), the following components are required:

  • Speed sensor (already included with the motor)
  • Mounting material (already included with the motor)
  • Main wiring tree (already included with the motor)
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Chainring
  • Cranks
  • Display

All other components - such as throttle, shift sensor, brake sensors, etc. - are not absolutely necessary for the use of the system. However, we recommend the use of the shift sensor (for derailleur and hub gears), as well as the corresponding tools for assembly.

How does the assembly of the e-bike system work?

The assembly of the individual components is simple: remove the bottom bracket, insert the motor and screw it tight, attach the battery to the frame, mount the display on the handlebars, and the rest consists of wiring with plug connections. So no drilling or soldering is necessary here and can be easily done yourself with a little manual skill. For the assembly of the engine special tool is necessary (ring wrench or 2 nuts) - you can find this in our store under ACCESSORIES / TOOLS. Otherwise, only standard tools (Allen key, pliers, ...) are required.

For the assembly of the Bafang engines we have created a video (see under INFO / VIDEOS). Also for the assembly of CYC motors there are videos from the manufacturer. The link can be found directly in the article description.

Chain line - what does it mean and what should be considered?

The chain line shows how the bicycle chain runs between the front chainring and the rear sprockets (cassette). After the conversion, there is only 1 chainring at the front. The optimal chain line you get so when the chain runs parallel to the frame (straight) and is located at the back of the middle sprocket. Thus, both the small and large sprockets of the rear cassette can be reached without the chain running very obliquely. This protects both sprocket and chainring, as well as the bicycle chain itself. It also reduces wear on these components.

So that you can see what offset you need on the front chainring to achieve an optimal chain line, we have created a template for this. You can find them in the download area under "chainring". The templates can be printed out 1:1 (A4 format).

Which bottom bracket ( inner bearing ) does my bike have?

There are various bottom brackets, whereby a basic distinction can be made between screwed-in (e.g. BSA, ITA) and pressed-in (e.g. BB92, PF30) bottom brackets. Here you will find a good overview of the different bottom brackets.

How should the bottom bracket width be measured?

To do this, we recommend that you turn the bike upside down. Then the frame width can be conveniently measured at the bottom bracket.

(Tretlager = bottom bracket)

In the following two pictures you see the bottom bracket from below. Only the frame width is measured - it should be noted that no bearing shells adjacent to the frame are also measured:

BSA Tretlager 68 mm BB92 Tretlagerbreite
Frame width 68mm Frame width 90 mm, in this picture the bottom bracket has already been removed

If you are not sure, we recommend removing the bottom bracket. Then both the width and diameter of the bottom bracket can be determined exactly. Otherwise, we will be happy to help you - just send us a few photos by e-mail (welcome@fasterbikes.eu).

Which settings can be made on the motor (controller)?

The following settings can be changed on the controller (excerpt):

  • Max. Power
  • Power in the respective support levels (0-9)
  • Power when starting
  • Sensitivity of the motor

You can find more information under DOWNLOADS / CONFIGURATION. We have also written a blog article about this (see BLOG).

The settings regarding max. speed, as well as wheel circumference, time, etc. are made on the display.

How can the settings on the motor (controller) be changed?

There are 2 possibilities here:

  • via programming cable and laptop / PC - Bafang motors
  • by smartphone app (Bluetooth) - Bafang and CYC motors

You can find the programming cable in our assortment, the corresponding drivers and software can be found under DOWNLOADS / CONFIGURATION.
Programming via Bluetooth is only possible for Bafang when using the Eggrider V2 display (Bluetooth function). The CYC motors can generally be programmed via Bluetooth - regardless of the selected display.

I have a Fischer e-bike - does the Bafang DPC-18 display work with it?

According to customer feedback, the display works with the following Fischer bikes:

EM 1723, EM 1724, EM 1726, ETH 1861.

Not compatible with: ETH 1722, 1865 Bafang Maxdrive, ETD 140


This information is without guarantee. Our Bafang displays have a green 5-pin HIGO round connector. If the model of your Fischer E-Bike is not listed above, please feel free to try. If the display is returned to us in mint condition, then we will also take it back and refund the purchase price.

We will be happy to receive your feedback regarding the compatibility of the DPC-18 display and the Fischer e-bike and will add to this entry. You will help other interested parties - thank you.

All information about Bafang
Who is "Bafang"?

Bafang is a leading manufacturer of e-components and complete systems. Especially in the field of e-bikes and e-scooters, their products are very popular. The headquarters of the company, which has around 500 employees worldwide, is located in Suzhou, China.

What´s a Bafang motor?

A "Bafang motor" is an electric motor produced by the Chinese company BAFANG. In our assortment you will find different Bafang mid drive motors of the BBS series (BBS01, BBS02, BBSHD) - as a complete set, in the configurator or just the motors.

Where can I find a Bafang conversion kit with battery?

In our assortment you will find conversion kits of the Bafang BBS series, i.e. BBS01 (250 watts), BBS02 (500 watts) and BBSHD (1000 watts). These kits contain all necessary components, according to the motto: Order | Assemble | Ride. Further details can be found in the respective item descriptions.

Which Bafang BBS mid drive motor suits me?

It depends on your requirements:

  • light weight, very small support up to 250 Watt: BBS01 (250W)
  • light weight, a little more support and power: BBS02 (500W)
  • robust motor, a lot of support, proven and powerful: BBSHD (1000W)


If you need even more support / power, then we can recommend our CYC X1 PRO motor.

Do Bafang BBS motors also have a torque sensor?

No - the Bafang BBS motors do not have a torque sensor, but are equipped with a cadence sensor (PAS sensor). This means that the motor support is generated according to the crank movement (cadence) and the selected support level (display). In addition, these systems are also additionally controllable with throttle grip / throttle lever.

The CYC X1 PRO and X1 STEALTH motors are equipped with a torque sensor. You can find more details here (description below)

Is it possible to use the Bafang motor also without a battery?

The Bafang BBS motor (BBS01, BBS02 or BBSHD) can be used without battery without any problems, as it has a hardly noticeable pedaling resistance.

Is the Bafang motor also compatible with hub gears?

Yes, the Bafang BBS motor can be used - in addition to the use with derailleur - also with hub gears. The installation and also the use of the system works the same. When using the unthrottled 1000W BBSHD motor, we recommend you regarding hub gears to use only the Rohloff. Experience shows that this circuit is the only one in the range of hub gears, which withstands the forces of the motor.

Is the use of the gearsensor also possible with hub gears?

Yes, our gearsensor can be used with both, derailleur and hub gears. The operation is simple: The shift cable is passed through the sensor. As soon as this registers a pull on the cable, the motor support is interrupted.

Does the Bafang BBS system work without brake sensors?

The Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD system also works without the use of brake sensors. These are optional and provide a faster interruption of the engine power. The operation is simple: as soon as the brake levers are applied, the contact with the motor is interrupted and thus the power is stopped.

We offer brake sensors for both V-brakes (cable brakes), as well as for hydraulic brakes

Can the backpedal brake still be used?

No, this does not work because of the freewheel: This allows the motor to move the chainring forward without moving the cranks - the freewheel decouples the cranks from the chainring. Therefore, the chainring (and thus the chain) can not be moved backward by crank movement (only forward). Thus, after the conversion, the backpedal brake is no longer "accessible".

Which battery is suitable for the Bafang mid-motor?

We recommend the use of lithium-ion batteries, where the (nominal) voltage should correspond to that of the motor system. Our range includes the following Bafang systems:

  • Bafang BBS01 36V: use of 10S batteries (=36V).
  • Bafang BBS02 48V: use of 13S batteries (=48V)
  • Bafang BBSHD 48V: Use of 13S (=48V) and 14S (=52V) batteries possible
    We recommend you to read our article descriptions - we tried to give you all important information.

The batteries are available as bottle cage battery and / or backpack battery. If neither of the two comes into question for you, then we can also offer you custom batteries. These are manufactured according to your wishes (cell type, dimensions L/W/H, connection cable - length and plug).

Can the Bafang BBSHD be powered by a 14S (52V) battery?

The 1000W BBSHD motor is specified everywhere with 48V, but our BBSHD motors can be used with both 13S (48V) and 14S (52V) batteries. If you receive the error message 07 (High Voltage Protection) on the display when using a 1000W BBSHD motor with 52V batteries, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Is it possible to convert the Bafang BBS01/02/HD motor to a different bottom bracket size?

This is only possible with the Bafang BBS01 and Bafang BBS02. The Bafang BBSHD motor is already available in 4 versions for different bottom bracket widths from 68-120 mm. You can find more information about this and the exact dimensions of the motor in our blog post.

The two motors BBS01 and BBS02 are suitable for bottom bracket widths from 68 mm to 75 mm in the standard version. For widths over 75 mm up to 93 mm, the installation of the axle extension (art. no. 1419) is required.

Delivery and shipment
Which shippers are available?

DHL, TNT and GO Express are available to ship your order. Customers from Austria also have the option of postal shipping.

For customers from Switzerland, meineinkauf.ch offers an interesting shipping alternative that enables inexpensive and customs-compliant delivery directly to Switzerland. You can find more information HERE

Which countries can be supplied?

We ship to all countries in the world - with the exception of the two American continents.

Can I specify a different delivery address?

Yes, this is not a problem. A different delivery address can be added during the ordering process.

How long is the delivery time?

Paid orders are usually shipped within 1-2 working days (except for pre-ordered items which are not in stock). The delivery time itself depends mainly on the selected sender (DHL, DHL Express, TNT, Post AT) and can unfortunately no longer be influenced by us after dispatch. Orders from Germany are usually delivered within 1-3 days* (DHL) or 1 day* (DHL Express) (information without guarantee)

We make every effort to process your orders as quickly as possible and hand them over to the shipping department. 


                    * from receipt of payment until 08:00 a.m.

Is shipping tracking possible?

As soon as the order has been processed and prepared for dispatch, our system will automatically send you a dispatch confirmation including the consignment number and tracking path to the e-mail address you provided.

This allows you to track the status of your delivery at any time. If you have not received an e-mail after 3 working days, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

What if the delivery time was exceeded?

In rare cases, the delivery time may be more than 8 days. In these cases, please contact us again. We will immediately enquire with the sender and, if necessary, commission an investigation. 

Returns processing
The wrong item was delivered

In rare cases, due to the large number of orders, system and packaging errors may occur. If the delivered item(s) do not correspond to your order, please contact us and send us photos of the incorrectly delivered item(s). We will then send you the return note and immediately arrange for the delivery of the ordered items.

How can I return an item?

In case of a return, please contact us - preferably by return form or e-mail (welcome@fasterbikes.eu). It is advisable to enclose a short description with the return.

Return address:

Mesona Handels GmbH
Hindenburgstraße 30
82467 Garmisch Partenkirchen

Return to AUSTRIA:
Mesona Handels GmbH
Langgasse 22/B04
6460 Imst

Customer account
Why a customer account?

You can access the customer account via the menu item "My account" at the top left of the screen. There are many reasons why you should set up a personal customer account with us: You will be guided through the order process more quickly, you can save and manage multiple addresses, define your preferred payment method, track your order history, use a notepad and much more.

When using our configurator, your configuration is saved in your customer account after clicking on "Save configuration" and can be continued at a later time.

How can I create my personal customer account?

To do this, click on "My account" at the top left of the screen and register with your details under "I am a new customer".

I have forgotten my password - what can I do?

Click on "Forgot your password?" when logging in to your user account. After entering your email address, you will receive a confirmation email (we recommend that you also check your SPAM folder). Click on "Reset password" in the email you received. Now you have the possibility to create a new password.

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