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Chainrings for Bafang BBS01 and BBS02

In this category you will find all chainrings, which can be used with your Bafang BBS01 or BBS02 Motor. In this document(pdf-file) you can see the different offset of these chainrings. Also chainring spacers, our popular Lekkie Drive Cover and chainring protection are included. As the motor cover of BBS01 and BBS02 motor is made of plastic, we would like to recommend the Lekkie Motor Cover - which is made of metal. This cover is included by choosing 40T Lekkie chainring.

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Bafang BBS01/02 Lekkie Drive Cover
Lighter, smaller and brings the appearance quality you always wanted for your Bafang system! Full CNC 6061 alloy drive side gear cover housing. It´s a better looking replacement for the Bafang standard plastic cover and protect your...
€44.99 *
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 chainring adapter 104 or 130...
This Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 adapter can be used for standard chainrings with 104 or 130 mm BCD . You can use 1 or 2 chainrings.  It´s also possible to use two chainrings , one for uphill with plenty of torque and one for high speed ....
€32.99 *
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 Lekkie Bling Ring Single...
Lekkie chainring (Bling Ring) for Bafang BBS01/02 - with different teeth!  Lekkie Bling Ring upgrade for the Bafang BBS02 and BBS01 mid drive motor, made out of a block of Aluminium . To save weight and for a better chain fit. Newest...
From €79.99 *
46 Zähne
Versatz 5 mm
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 Original Steel Chainring 46T
The Bafang BBS01/02 standard steel chainring with 46 teeths, with a long durability and a reasonable price!  With an offset of 5 mm (measured from the motor bolts to the middle of teeth) and a weight of 262 g. The inner hole has a...
€39.99 *
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 Chain Ring Spacer 2 mm
2 mm Spacer made for the Bafang BBS01 and BBS02  This is perfect for moving the chainraing to the outside without having to move the entire drive unit The inner hole has a diameter of about 50 mm, the bolt circle of the chainring bolts...
€7.99 *
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 Original Steel Chainguard
Plastic ring for the Bafang BBS01/02 standard steel chainring  Doesn't work with the Bafang BBSHD!
€14.99 * €15.99 *

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