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900Wh Rectangle Battery 52V 14S 5P Rucksack

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Rectangular Battery - perfect for your Rucksack or Bag!

  • Smart BMS with Bluetooth, Smartphone App and Temperature Control
  • XT90-S Antispark connector
  • CNC cell holder
  • custom nickel terminations for level fusing

Without Charger

This rectangular battery packs are housed in a very robust plastic case that not only provides serious mechanical protection, but is also water-resistant.

This battery offers some nice features:

  • With custom nickel terminations every cell in the pack has level fusing. Means that in the event of a serious accident, abuse or an internal short circuit in the battery (which the BMS or pack fuse cannot protect against), then some sacrificial links will safely open, preventing any of the cells or cabling from overheating and becoming dangerous. CNC spot welding ensures consistent weld quality and weld position. In addition to the cell level fusing, we also implement a pack fuse. The pack fuse will blow if, for example, the battery discharge lead were shorted out. So there is no chance that the cell level fuses would blow from an external short-circuit.
  • PPTC thermal fuses used on all signal wires. If a fault were to ever occur on any of the small balance wires which run around the battery pack, the fuse simply shuts down the connection and keeps everything safe. Once the customer removes the fault condition the function returns to normal.
  • A high tech Smart BMS is used, which is rated for genuine 40A continuous plus, with a over-current trip set to >60A. With the BMS you can view various battery data, such as: cell voltage levels, temperature, instantaneous charge/discharge current, capacity (genuine SOC, measured Ah and remaining Ah), data log, error indication (on matching LED panel) and it all links to your phone with a continually updated and improved App. The BMS balances during charging and therefore doesn’t require a full charge in order to balance. Auto power off function, auto power on and with a pre-charge function (no sparks, so long as the battery is powered off when linked to the controller). This 2 wire type BMS costs more (it requires more mosfets) than an equivalent 3-wire type, but it means that the battery can be safely paralleled with another equivalent battery and also means it is fully protected against over-charge in every situation (impossible with a 3-wire type BMS that are generally used in this application).
  • 18650 A-grade genuine cells from official sources
  • CNC cell holder keeps everything safe, solid and secure

52V Ebike Battery Technical Information:

  • Optional charger with 58.8V 2A (fanless)4A (fanless)5A (with fan and 90/100% switch) or Satiator. Please note that our chargers will not put out the charge voltage until they are connected to the battery pack
  • Like with any Li Ion type battery, best long term performance is obtained by not using all of the available capacity all of the time (completely empty and full). Cycle life is extended by charging to 90%. The 5A charger has a switch for either 90% (L) or 100% (H) charge, or choose the Satiator for even more control. This BMS doesn’t need a full charge to balance the pack, it will balance the pack also at 80 or 90% charge
  • Cycle Life will be reduced if the pack is regularly used at continuous high discharge rates (BMS does have over-temp protection if the battery gets too hot and the battery temperature can be seen in the BMS App). Therefore, please match the battery pack to the rest of the kit to get the performance and long term usage you expect. Recommended Max Discharge Current for this 52V Ebike Battery:
    Samsung 35E: ~25A Continuous, 34A Max Burst Current
    Samsung 30Q: ~38A Continuous, 55A Max Burst Current
    Samsung 33Q: ~23A Continuous, 30A Max Burst Current
  • Maximum Charge Current 12A max (BMS limited). The 2-wire type BMS can safely charged through the discharge leads as well.
Note: the cell manufacturers specs are higher than our recommendations above. It will not harm the battery to occasionally discharge at higher levels than our recommendations, but regular, sustained high discharge rates will degrade the battery more quickly and the battery voltage will sag at these high power levels. The Battery BMS is programmed to trip if cell temperatures reach 60°C during discharge and 45°C during charging.

The conservatively capacity of the cells are 2.95Ah (Samsung 30Q) and 3.4Ah (Samsung 35E)

  • Samsung 35E: 50.4V nominal, 17.0Ah, ~857Whrs. (or 52V, 17.5Ah, 910Wh with manufacturers specs)
  • Samsung 30Q: 50.4V nominal, 14.8Ah, ~743Whrs. (or 52V, 15.0Ah, 780Wh with manufacturers specs)
  • Samsung 33G: 50,4V nominal, 15,5Ah, ~781Whrs. (or 52V, 16,5Ah, 858Wh with manufacturers specs)

14S 52V Batteries are often used for the Bafang BBS motor and have a charging voltage of 58.8V

Note: the above figures are on a new battery in warm weather and at a discharge rate of ~0.5C. Cold temperatures or high discharge rates will result in reduced capacity. Capacity will degrade over time and usage. 52V batteries means 14 series of 3.7V nominal cells (14*3.7V = 51.8V), but nominal should be calculated with 3.6V, which is 50.4V nominal.

Battery Weight and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 80 mm thick, 248 mm long, 145 mm wide
  • Weight: approximately 4.3 kg

Batteries must be protected against mechanical damage, overheating, short circuit, deep discharge, overloading. Charge always under observation in dry conditions. Battery isn't completely waterproof, we recommend to avoid heavy rain and high water pressure. 

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