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Bafang BBS Firmware Update

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Delivery time 3 Workdays

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Update for Bafang BBS Motors

With the help of these update files, the controller can be reset. This can be very helpful especially with phantom errors - such as error 12 (sometimes). By running the 52V update on Bafang BBSHD motor, the motor is also compatible with fully charged 52V batteries (58,8V charge end voltage). This fixes the error code 07 "High Voltage Protection". In addition, the max. amps are increased from 28A to 30A (on Bafang BBSHD motor).

Important note: It is essential to choose the right update file (matching your controller) - otherwise this can cause irreparable controller damage. In this case, you have to replace the controller.

The programming cable is required to install the update file on your controller. By choosing the update file you will receive (by email):

  • Update Software (runs only on windows)
  • Update file
  • Manual instructions

BBSHD-Update Details:

  • Version of both Bafang Firmware-files (48V und 52V): V1.0.0.4
  • Max. Current: 30A

And this is how it works:

    Customer evaluation for "Bafang BBS Firmware Update"

    Endlich wieder 30 Ampere

    Danke FasterBikes für das 52V Update. Auch wenn es nicht viel ist, aber nun habe ich 2A mehr als vorhin ....

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