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Cycle Analyst and accessories

In this category you will find Cycle Analyst and many different accessories for this system. Speed sensor, shunt, potentiometer, programming cable, mounting bracket, pas sensors, buttons and switches are available. More details can be found in their product description.

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Speedometer Sensor for Cycle Analyst
Speedometer Sensor for converting a CA-DP into a CA-DPS device. Cable length: ca. 100 cm Manufacturer: Grin Installation and soldering details
€26.99 *
Singatron Connector 15A for Satiator Charger
Replacement 3 Pin Singatron DC output connector for Satiator charger. Please note this connector is difficult to swap out as there is a filter PCB soldered on directly to the leads inside the enclosure housing, and appropriate solder...
€16.99 *
Potentiometer CA3
5kOhm Auxilliary Input Pot for CA3 devices with CNC machined aluminium handlebar clamp for securing to 22 mm (7/8") handlebars. Allows you to adjust any of the speed, power, current or PAS levels on-the-fly while riding. Manufactured in...
€43.99 *
Cycle Analyst V2.4 direct plug in with Speedometer
V2.4 device Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26 mm 140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector. Comes with handlebar mounting bracket, speedometer sensor and spoke magnet. DC Power and Analogger connector.  Direct Plug-in models...
€109.99 * €134.99 *
Cycle Analyst V3 DPS direct plug in with...
With the CA the controller can be programmed and has a connection for the temperature sensor of the motor Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26 mm 140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector. Includes: Analogger Cable THUN Sensor Cable...
€179.99 *
Split PAS Pedal Assistant Sensor for CA V3
Plug & Play Cycle Analyst V3, compatible with 10V Standard, 12 Pole Magnet Ring and Pedelec Sensor. Works left and right and without unmounting the crank. Connector PINs contacts: 5 Cable length: 90 cm  Once you start to pedal , this...
€31.99 *
Cycle Analyst Mounting Bracket Holder
Ahead Steerer Tube Mount for Cycle Analyst (it is not Grin Manufactured). 1/4" Bolt Hole for Cycle Analyst  fits over 1 1/8" steerer tube 2 mm stainless steel the adapter can be bendet as you like with screw
€11.27 *
ohne Stecker
Domino Premium Full Twist Grip Throttle
without connector and 100 cm cable length Micro switch max 2A / 24V Handlebar tightening torque 1,5 to 1,7 Nm This throttle uses a linear potentiometer (IP67). In addition a built in microswitch is integrated, which can be connected as...
€89.99 *
Cycle Analyst Shunt 100A cont. 0.5 mOhm
0.5 mOhm external shunt for Cycle Analyst. Grin says they can handle up to 150A continuous, 400A peak. It says 100A on the shunt.  134 x 29 x 28 mm
€31.99 *
Cycle Analyst Shunt 200A cont. 0.25 mOhm
0.25 mOhm external shunt for Cycle Analyst. Grin says they can handle up to 300A continuous, 800A peak. It says 200A on the shunt.  134 x 29 x 28 mm
€31.99 *
Programmierkabel für
Cycle Analyst
Cycle Satiator
Cycle Analyst, Satiator, Phaserunner TTL to USB...
This cable is used to program, update and log the Cycle Analyst , Phaserunner and Satiator with a Computer. Cable length: 300 cm It is equippent with a genuine FTDI FT232R chipset, probably you need to install the driver Works for Cycle...
€29.99 *
Slim 3 Button Up/Down Digital Aux Input for...
Narrow profile 3 button, up/down digital Aux input for V3.1 Cycle Analyst firmware. Lets you change any limit or pedal assist setting up or down in a customizable number of steps. The wiring allows it to work in parallel with an analog...
€31.99 *
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