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5000W E-Bike Motor CYC X1 Pro Gen4

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CYC X1 PRO GEN4 - The EXTREME E-Bike Motor!

Discover the ultimate E-Bike Power with the new CYC X1 Pro Gen4. This powerful mid drive motor with an impressive 5000W output is specially designed for extreme bikers. Experience the freedom to ride off the paths through rough terrain.



Important note: When using this drive unit on public roads and paths, comply with the applicable regulations in your country and adjust the motor settings accordingly. The user is solely responsible for complying with these regulations. Otherwise, this product may only be used on private and secured terrain! Furthermore, before installation, it must be ensured that the bicycle and its components are designed for use with this power. This is the sole responsibility of the user.



  • 5000W Power
  • 280 Nm max. Torque
  • New X12 Controller
  • Compatible with 36-72V Batteries
  • 32T, 38T and 40T Chainring options
  • Fits Bottom Bracket Widths from 68-120mm

One of the great improvements compared to the Gen3 Version is the new and powerful X12 controller. Furthermore, the following improvements have been made:

  • Robust Gen4 torque sensor
  • Redesigned Rotor for higher RPM
  • 25% longer Motor, improved efficiency and better thermal performance
  • Simplified tensioner

In this blog post we have explained the upgrades.

This product includes motor, controller, mounting parts, cables and ISIS spindle - but no chainring, display, throttle, cranks, etc.. The desired conversion kit can be assembled in our configurator.


The CYC X1 Pro Gen4 Motor is available for the following bottom brackets (choose above):

  • BSA 68-83 mm
  • BB92 mm (incl. adapter)
  • BSA 100 mm
  • BSA 120 mm

This package includes:

  • X1 Pro Gen4 Motor
  • X12 Controller
  • Mounting parts
  • BB Cup and Spindle
  • Speedsensor
  • Wiring Harness
  • Spacers

The X12 Controller is conected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. After installing the new CYC RIDE CONTROL App, you can adjust the motor parameters easily. Our download section contains numerous useful links and downloads (installation, user manuals, printouts, etc.).


The new X12 Controller is significantly more powerful than the X6 Controller. Additionally, it allows the use of 20S batteries (72V nominal voltage). In the table below, we have compared both controllers:

Nominale Spannung36 - 52V36 - 72V
Peak Phase Current110A180A
Peak Battery Current65A100A
IP SchutzklasseIP66IP66
Display KompatibilitätSW102, DS103SW102 (up to 52V), DS103
CYC KompatibilitätX1 Pro Gen2 & 3, X1 Stealth Gen1 & 3X1 Pro Gen4


Smartphone App:

With the new X-Series Controller you unleash the full potential of your CYC Motor: instant torque and power, stable offroad performance, responsive throttle and natural pedal assistance. With the CYC RIDE CONTROL smartphone app (available in the Appstore and Playstore), you have all options available - at the touch of a button. Simply pair your smartphone with the controller via BT - with this you have the freedom to ride the way you want.

CYC Ride Control Manual

To get the full power, a 72V (20S) battery should be used. Ensure that the battery is adequately designed. The CYC X1 PRO Gen4 can also be operated with the 52V batteries in our shop - in this case the maximum power is appr. 2000W. We recommend using batteries with a high discharge current of individual cells to allow the required amps to be used from the battery. Feel free to contact us - we can also offer customized batteries (up to 52V).

Motor installation video (same as with Gen3):

Available downloads:
Customer evaluation for "5000W E-Bike Motor CYC X1 Pro Gen4"

Bin sehr zufrieden viel power

Bestellt und hoffentlich bald da :)

Freue mich riesig auf den Motor!!

280 Nm torque

I want to motorize my Trek Fuel EX. Will probably be awesome ...

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