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Accessories for hub motors and general bicycle articles

In this category you will fing products for hub motors - but also conventional bicycle articles, such as shift levers for bike gears. Especially products for thermal dissipation, for example Statorade Ferrofluid or HubSink V2, are important items for hub motors. You can find more details in our product description.
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10 ml Statorade ferrofluid, magnetic cooling...
Cooling for Hub Motors The original Statorade by ebikes.ca is used. You have to seal the motor afterwards. Togheter with a syringe The ferrofluid provides a better transfer of heat to the engine housing and the heat can be transported...
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Washer Spacer Freewheels Axle 16 mm MXUS
Spacer for 16 mm Axles The smaller outside diameter fits inside most freewheels and can be used as an extension of the axle without touching the freewheel. Outer diameter 26 mm Thickness 4 mm For 16 mm axes
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HubSink V2 Improved Thermal Dissipation for Hub...
Vastly improve the thermal management and power handling of hub motors with ~200% better overall thermal dissipation allowing much higher power levels or endurance to be achieved. Much better Thermal Dissipation & Performance in...
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6 mm Disc spacer 6 holes
increases disk caliper clearance on hub motors inner diameter ca. 33.8 mm outer diameter ca. 54.8 mm The holes are made for M6 screws, since you need to use longer screws, we recommend to drill M6 to the motor to handle the braking torque
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2 mm Spacer in Aluminium for Disc Brake Caliper...
Spacer for disc brake (to reduce the distance between adapter and brake disc) Material thickness 2 mm Material Alu minium distance between holes 50.5 mm
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