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Accessories for Bafang & CYC

The accessories category for Bafang and CYC is very extensive. To help you navigate better, we have created subcategories, including chainrings, cranks, throttles, mounting tools, sensors, connectors, cables as well as products for Cycle Analyst or hub motors. Many products in this categories can also be used with other E-Bike systems, for example Cycle Analyst, hub motor items, connectors, cables, etc.

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Bicycle Bottle FIDLOCK TWIST
The practical bicycle bottle with magnet-mechanical holder system The new TWIST bottle from FIDLOCK is very practical to use: Simply turn the bottle and it its removed from the holder. To put it back on the bike base - no precision is...
From €24.99 *
Bafang BBS01 BBS02 axle tool
To remove both lock nuts on Bafang BBS01/02 axle With this tool it´s easy to remove both lock nuts on the axle of the Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 motors. This is necessary if you want to change the bearings behind, the PAS disc, clutch or...
€27.99 *
Bafang BBS Firmware Update
Update for Bafang BBS Motors With the help of these update files, the controller can be reset. This can be very helpful especially with phantom errors - such as error 12 (sometimes). By running the 52V update on Bafang BBSHD motor, the...
€29.99 *
Bafang BBS01/02 Lekkie Drive Cover
Motorcover - now in different colors available Lighter, smaller and brings the appearance quality you always wanted for your Bafang system! This cover is made of aluminum and replaces the standard plastic cover of the Bafang BBS01 and...
€49.99 *
Bafang BBSHD Lekkie Drive Cover
The new Eyecatcher - now in different colors Lighter, smaller and brings the appearance quality you always wanted for your Bafang system! Full CNC 6061 alloy drive side gear cover and bearing housing for the Bafang BBSHD motor . Bling...
€59.99 *
CYC X1 Thumb Throttle
Throttle for CYC X1 Pro and Stealth motor Can also be used with Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD motors. Equipped with the yellow 3-pin HIGO plug (female) for connection to the main wiring harness. Can be mounted on the left or right....
€31.99 *
Half Twist Throttle left for Cycle Analyst and...
Split twist throttle left for Cycle Analyst and Phaserunner Throttle for left side mounting Extra Slim OD of 36mm fits under lever shifters and brake lever housings Uses 3 pin JST-SM connector (compatible with CA V3 and Phaserunner...
€31.99 *
CYC bottom bracket wrench Hollowtech II
Mounting wrench for CYC Motors This tool can be used to mount mid drive motors, as well as to dismount the bicycle bottom bracket: Mounting: Torque sensor axle of CYC X1 Pro and X1 Stealth motor Disassembly: Shimano Hollowtech II...
€19.99 *
Freewheel Remover Extractor Tool Shimano DNP...
Freewheel Removal Key for Shimano, Sun Race, DNP and Sachs With this tool you can remove your rear bike cassette. It fits for Shimano, Sun race, DNP and Sachs. Dimensions: Inner diameter: 20 mm Whole length: 45 mm
€14.99 *
CYC X1 Golden Drive Chain
Golden Drive Chain for CYC Motors This motor chain connects the motor sprocket with the drive chain sprocket. Since the x1 pro and x1 stealth motors have different dimensions, these drive chains also have different lengths. Please select...
€49.99 *
7-11 Speed Gear with Freewheel, DNP
Screw-on type freewheel with 11T high gear This rim is screwed onto the hub motor. In addition, washers are included with the larger freewheels. You will need a special tool to remove this cassette, because the sprocket set has a...
From €29.99 *
CYC X1 Full Twist Throttle right
Full twist throttle for your CYC X1 Motor This throttle is mounted on the right side. The left grip is also included.
€34.99 *
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