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S-Trax Snowbike Conversion Kit

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Turn your bike into a Snowbike

With our S-Trax conversion kit you can convert your existing bike into a snowbike: simply remove both tires and attach the front ski part as well as the crawler part at the rear. Whether sport or fun - with this parts you have the right equipment to explore the snowy landscape. The S-Trax offers a comfortable, stable ride in the snow and a great riding pleasure.

  • Easy mounting on lots of bicycle frames (except carbon frames)
  • Usable with bicycles and ebikes
  • It´s recommended to use with mid drive motors
  • Adventure guaranteed
  • Sport and fun

This conversion kit can be mounted on both normal and electrified bike (ebike) - but it´s not allowed to mount it on bicycles with carbon frames. The frond ski part is suitable for bikes with front fork width of 100-150 mm, the rear crawlerpart can be mounted on frames width of 130-200 mm. In addition, it is possible with both quick release and thru axles. You can contact us if you are not sure whether your bike is suitable or not.


The crawlerpart is equipped with an Enviolo hub gear (gear ratio 0,5-1,9), which can also shifted under load. The chainring sizes had been chosen to reach up to 15-20 km/h with a cadence of 60-70. In addition, this can vary again by the size of your bicycle chainring. The brake disc attached to the drive sprocket of the crawler part, allows the caterpillar to be braked at any time. This provides an excellent braking effect in the terrain. The brake is not hydraulic, but a mechanical brake disc.


Included Parts:

  • Ski part, incl. ski (110 cm length)
  • Crawler part
  • Enviolo Extreme hub gear
  • Brake disc, incl. brake caliper, bowden cable and brake lever
  • Optional with mid-drive motor set (not in price included)


For shipping reasons, this conversion kit must be assembled after delivery according to the assembly manual (scope of delivery). When using a conventional ebike / pedelec, it should be noted that the speed signal required for operation must be recorded on the crawler part (because the rear tire is removed by the conversion).

In addition, the tire circumference should be changed to the actual value in the display (depending on the speed sensor mounting position - it´s appr. 65 cm for the guide roller). With this both the speed displayed and the distance are shown correct. If that´s not possible, it still works, but motor/controller shuts off too early - that means you can reach max. 15-20 km/h.

When using a conversion kit motor (bafang, cyc) the correct tire circumference can be used. This means that both the speed and distance are shown correct. Extension cables can also be used on the speed sensor.

Currently, the system is designed for use with hardtails. If you want to mount the conversion kit on a Fully Bike, then a additional chain tensioner for the bicycle chain is required (not included).

Press Reports on our S-Trax

YouTube Playlist with lots of Snowbike-Videos.

Products designed and made in Austria.


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