E-Bike and winter time - maintenance and battery storage

Battery care is very important for the efficient supply of energy to your bike. Our batteries are made of lithium-ion cells, which have no memory effect. This means, these batteries can not only be recharged when they are completely empty but at any charge level. In addition, this battery technology has a long service life - which depends on the number of charging cycles as well as the type and duration of use. 

In addition, our batteries have a battery management system (BMS) inside. It´s main tasks are:

  • Uniform charging and discharging of the individual cells
  • Temperature monitoring of the battery
  • Charge protection - charging up to a maximum value
  • Discharge protection - discharging to a safe minimum value


However, the self-discharge of the battery can´t be stopped by the BMS. Although the self-discharge rate is very low, it can cause irreparable damage to the battery cells - despite the slow process. Therefore, it´s important to note: The optimal state of charge for a longer storage period is between 30 and 70%. Do not connect the battery to the charger during the entire storage period (permanent charging).

How do I store my battery, if it´s not used for a longer period of time?

If the e-bike is not going to be used for a longer period of time, the battery, in particular, should be stored properly. This applies not only during the winter months, but all year round. To do this, it should be removed from the battery rail or from the bike. The optimal storage temperature is between 10 and 20°C, whereby the storage room should be dry and the battery protected from direct sunlight. The e-bike itself (without battery) can be stored both indoors and outdoors as long as it is protected from rain and snow.

Can I also ride my e-bike during winter time?

Yes! In addition to the winter equipment (spikes), that may be required, 3 things should be observed:

  • Always charge the battery at room temperature
  • Attach the battery to your bike directly before you start riding
  • After the ride: Remove the battery and start charging when it has reached room temperature


If you want to "wake up" your battery after a long period of time, you should follow these steps: fully charge, ride empty and fully charge again. This will help your BMS to calibrate and calculate the battery capacity.


In summary:

  • - Remove the battery from your e-bike
  • - Observe the ideal charge level for storage (30-70%).
  • - Store in a dry, frost-free place without direct sunlight.
  • - Check the optimum storage temperature (10-20 °C).


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