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Battery Safe Bag 200 x 140 x 600 mm

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Fireproof battery safety bag to store Lithium-Ion-Batteries!

This safety bag consits of 3 layers resistant special fabric (tested according to EN 1869:2019) and protects you and your surroundings in case of battery fire or explosion. The bag is closed by strong, fire-resistant zip. The patented connection system at the seams also withstands high temperatures and flames. The outside is sealed waterproof by means of a silicone coating.

  • Suitable for lithium ion battery storing, charging and transport
  • Size: 200 x 140 x 600 mm
  • Weight: ca. 450g
  • Reduces the risk of injury in case of battery fire and explosion
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The ACCU-SAFE bag can also be used as a fireproof safe for valuables of all kinds. Documents or cash should be placed in additional (metal) packaging before placing inside.

We remind to observe the general safety instructions for storing and charging batteries!

Customer evaluation for "Battery Safe Bag 200 x 140 x 600 mm"


Perfekt zur Aufbewahrung

Ich nutze diese Tasche zum Lagern des Akkus in meiner Wohnung. Habe zwar nicht Angst, dass mir der Akku um die Ohren fliegen könnte, aber das gibt mir einfach mehr Sicherheit.

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