Safety bag for batteries

Today, lithium ion batteries are often used in electrical devices (smartphones, cordless screwdrivers, drones, etc.). Lithium batteries are very popular not only because of their high energy density. They are space-saving, have a low weight, deliver a lot of power (high efficiency of 90-97%), have a low self-discharge (< 0.04%/day) and offer high currents (can provide a lot of energy). Overall, lithium ion batteries are a very safe technology and largely safe when used properly.


Nevertheless, the following rules should be observed when handling lithium-ion batteries:

  • Do not charge batteries that are visibly damaged (deformation, scorch marks, odour, heating, discolouration), but dispose of them properly.
  • Charge batteries when dry and at room temperature.
  • Be careful when charging for the first time if the battery has not been used for a long time (e.g. winter break).
  • Do not store batteries in unheated places (e.g. garage) at low temperatures (e.g. winter).
  • Always keep batteries away from hot surfaces
  • Do not modify or alter the battery itself
  • Charge batteries on a non-flammable surface (battery bags or metal boxes are helpful).
  • Do not extinguish with water if the battery catches fire - smother the fire instead.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in the residual waste, but take them to a collection point for used materials.



However, with improper use or application, lithium batteries can quickly become a danger. If a single cell decomposes or overheats due to heat or mechanical damage, very high temperatures are generated in the cell. The result: the cell blows its contents to the outside under excess pressure - this causes a fire or the escaping smoke causes a flash fire.


A good way to reduce the risk of fire or damage caused by lithium-ion batteries is to use battery safety bags. The inside of this battery bag is made of fireproof material (glass fibre). A tight closure also reduces the risk of fire. The use of the safety bag is recommended for storing, charging and transporting lithium-ion batteries. Due to the generous dimensions of the bag, not only e-bike batteries, but also smartphones, tablets, loose batteries and much more can be stored safely.



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