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Programming Bafang BBS01/02/HD motor

With the help of Stefan Penov's software (Bafang Config Tool), the controller values can be changed using the programming cable on the laptop / PC. If you use the Eggrider V2 display, you do not need a programming cable - the same values can be changed and saved via the smartphone app (Bluetooth connection to the display). This allows you to adjust the values to your preferences even when you are on the move.


The values that can be changed are primarily fine adjustments so that the motor support works according to your needs.


 For example:

  • more support in assist level 2
  • a little less in assist level 3
  • How fast should the PAS sensor respond (crank movement)?
  • how calmly or violently the motor should react at start-up
  • How short or long should the motor run-on time be after the end of pedalling?
  • to which Assist-Level setting should the throttle correspond?
  • etc.


Of course, the power can also be reduced. In doing so, the ampere value (A2) is adjusted according to the formula V x A = W. The parameter A1 (undervoltage cut-off) has no significant effect when using a battery with integrated BMS (usually present in commercially available batteries) - unless the value is set too high (higher than the actual value in the BMS). 


When using the Eggrider V2 display, these settings can be stored twice and changed at the touch of a button (On-Offroad or Eco-Sport profile). A sensible variant would therefore be:


1) Road profile (ROAD or ECO):


A2: 5A (5A x 52V = 260W) -> Power limited.

A3: Assist 0: set both values to "0" -> no assistance

max. speed: 25 km/h (display settings) -> define maximum speed

C4: Assist level "0" -> throttle inoperative


2) Terrain profile (OFFROAD or SPORT):

  • Set values higher according to preference

Basically, the following sequence should always be observed: READ - change values - WRITE. By clicking READ again, you can check whether the changed values have been successfully saved on the controller. We have marked the adjustable parameters in colour:

  • green values can changed without any problems 
  • orange values  should be handled with care
  • red values should not be changed



Here you will find all the information you need for programming.



Our controllers are delivered with default settings. With the help of the software, these values can be adapted to your own needs. We would like to point out that the legal requirements of the traffic regulations of your country must be observed. We do not accept any liability for the adjustment of the values, especially with regard to power and speed, and would like to emphasise once again that you take responsibility for this yourself.

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