1000W Bafang BBSHD motor - dimensions for different bottom bracket sizes

In the following picture you can see the respective dimensions (millimetres) of the motors. When mounting the motor, it is essential to ensure that the retaining plate (triangle) is mounted straight - in other words: the retaining plate should rest completely on the bottom bracket frame part so that the teeth of the retaining plate can grip the frame. In order for this plate to be mounted correctly, there must be a thread (B) on the axle sleeve for mounting the two retaining rings on the one hand - and a threaded area (H) in the area of the two bolts on the other.

There are 3 possible applications:

a) If the bottom bracket is shorter than the value G, then the thread (H) can be reduced to 10 mm (file). It must be noted that the thread on the axle sleeve (B) may be too short for this. If this is the case, either the thread (B) can be extended manually or a suitable spacer can be placed between the triangle and the first circlip. 

b) Exact fit: For this, the bottom bracket width must correspond to the value C and G.

c) If the inner bearing is wider than the value G, then commercially available washers (M6) are required in the area of the thread (Triangle)



Please note that the thread of the axle sleeve requires at least 13 mm (better 15 mm) to fix the plate and the two circlips. In addition, it may be necessary to use spacers - due to the swing arm (chain stay). This should also be considered. For this we recommend the use of our chainring template. 

Here you can find the assembly video for illustration:

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