Convert your Bicycle or buy an E-Bike instead?

More and more people are discovering cycling as an eco-friendly alternative to driving a car. However, not everyone is willing to give up their traditional bike to switch to an expensive e-bike. One option is to convert an existing bike to an e-bike. But what are the advantages of both options?

Whether it is better to convert a bike or buy an e-bike depends on the individual needs and preferences of the cyclist. There is no clear answer since both options have their pros and cons. If someone already has a bike they like and that is in good condition, it may make more sense to upgrade it rather than buy a new e-bike. Converting a bike can save a lot of money and allow for customization based on personal needs and preferences.

Advantages of converting your bike into an ebike:

  • Cost: Buying an e-bike can be very expensive, which can be a significant investment, especially considering that a high-quality electric-assist bike can cost several thousand euros. In comparison, converting an existing bike to an e-bike is usually cheaper and can significantly reduce costs.
  • Customization: Another advantage of converting is that you can customize the existing bike according to your preferences. You have the freedom to upgrade the bike based on your own ideas and needs, instead of having to choose a new bike that may not meet all the necessary functions or requirements.
  • Environment: Converting an existing bike to an e-bike also helps to conserve the environment. It is not only more sustainable to use a bike that is already available, rather than buying a new one, but it also reduces the waste that comes from the purchase and disposal.
  • Riding comfort: Another advantage of using an e-bike conversion kit is that you can continue to ride with the familiar bike you already know and are accustomed to. You do not have to adapt to a new bike and its peculiarities, but can simply enjoy the improved riding experience of an e-bike.
  • Technology: It is also possible to bring older bikes up to the latest technological standards by converting them to e-bikes. This allows you to benefit from the latest technological advances, such as advanced batteries, powerful motors, and other features that can make cycling even more comfortable and safer.


Of course, it is also important that the bike to be converted is in an appropriate condition and is roadworthy. If that is not the case, converting the bike to an e-bike is not a sensible option.

Advantages of buying a new e-bike:

  • Design: Pre-made e-bikes are often specially designed for use as an e-bike and have a corresponding design that is tailored to the electronics and battery. When you convert a bike to an e-bike yourself, it can be difficult to maintain the aesthetics of the bike or to build an e-bike that looks as good as a conventional e-bike from the market.
  • Time: Converting a bike to an e-bike takes more time than buying a new e-bike. In addition, some manual skill is usually required.
  • Integration: The bike and components are coordinated and form a unit. With a converted bike, the bike is retrofitted with e-bike components.


Overall, there are many advantages to converting an existing bike to an e-bike. The main advantage is that you save money and have a familiar bike with personalized assistance. This can be considered an eco-friendly, efficient and sensible alternative. Ultimately, the decision whether to convert a bike to an ebike or buy a new ebike depends on various factors, such as budget, personal preferences and needs, as well as one´s own technical knowledge and skills. So, if you´re considering buying an ebike or converting your existing bike into an ebike, it´s worth taking a closer look at these points.

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