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Press articles on the S-Trax Snowbike Conversion Kit
What can this adapter be used for? What are the advantages? You can find the answer in this blog.
A number of factors are decisive for this: chainring size at the front, rear sprocket set, wheel size and cadence. In addition, the required power is also important.
You want to convert your bike to an e-bike and wonder which bike suits best for this? You are not alone with this question! - Here you may find the answer.
Nice customer project: A chopper bike was built itself. 3 pc Bafang BBSHD motors and original Harley Davidson components were used.
What are the differences between Bafang and CYC mid drive motors? How about advantages an disadvantages? You can find the answer in this blog.
How should the Bafang mid-motor be maintained? This is a very frequently asked question. In this blog post we want to answer this question - including a video.
We finally received our CYC X1 Stealth! We immediately mounted on our bike and made a video for you. Afterwards, we also did a test ride - you can believe: it doesn´t have power only, its also a lot of fun! :-)
Let’s face it... your eBike conversion kit will never be as clean as the day you installed it. Whether you ride gnarly MTB trails, city routes, or bashing your backyard, your X1 conversion kit will get a bit - if not lots - of dirt and debris at some point.
The demand was great - now the time has come: We give you an overview of the parameters that can be changed and show you which values should better not be changed. For this purpose, the adjustable parameters are marked in colour.
Unfortunately, damage due to a battery fire - caused by defective or damaged batteries - occurs time and again. The use of special battery cases can significantly reduce the risk of fire or fire damage. In some cases, however, the cause is also due to improper use (e.g. dropping).
For which bottom bracket width is the respective version of the motor suitable? What is the minimum and maximum width? To answer these questions, we have measured the different BBSHD motors precisely and presented them clearly.
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