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About Us



How we see ourselves:

We see ourselves as experts and point of contacts in the field of electrification of bicycles and mobile pedestals for one- to two people. Out of a hobby, in 2014 we developed a start set with website, and turned FasterBikes into an online shop specializing in retrofitting with “expert advice”. Currently, our head office is in Tyrol, Austria and we have several distribution centers in Europa which enables us to make delivery of our products possible within a few working days!


Our goals: 

To equip existing bicycles and mobile pedestals that are still in good condition with electric motors, drives and controls. We want to extend the life of bikes and protect the environment! It’s a shame when a good bike goes to waste because a new E-Bike is bought. Why does it have to be a new E-Bike when the bike you are currently using is in good condition? The components can either be installed by yourself or by one of our specialists. We find ‘fun’ an important aspect in our company and is therefore implemented according to customers wishes and needs. 

Also important for us is free and individual advice, tailored to the needs of the customers. Bicycle conversion with tricky requirements excite us and we are always happy to help you avoid waste, motorize your bike and enable support when cycling!


Next to retrofitting a bike with a motor and the associated controls, our approach also focusses on that our products  can be easily exchanged at a later date. In addition to being able to support E-Bike projects, we like to design and configure all components in all configurations. Cycling should be fun and with a competent partner at your side, so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


As a service-oriented company, we provide all information about assembling, maintaining and repairing our products, free of charge! You can find the all the information you need on our homepage and our soial media channels.


We hope we have given you the opportunity to get to know us better. Who could describe us better than our customers?
From our point of view: Nobody. In addition to that, we have some customer feedback (Google reviews) below:

Fasterbikes is probably the store I received the best service ever. I email questions on weekends and evenings and get answers almost immediately, this is not something I as a customer can demand or expect, but it is the service I received. As it says on their website "The customer is King". Good website with lots of useful information about the products. I think I have found My Bike Shop. Thanks Daniel
- Robert, Sweden

Wonderful shop! Those guys are friendly, they answer and act very fast. their after-sales service is irreproachable, and they scrupulously respect the European warranty. You can buy from them with your eyes closed!
- Rémi Déprez, France

Quick delivery by DHL, tracking provided. Friendly and very quick response by e-mail, also out of the working hours, they have a solution for most of the problems. I have already bought quite a few go faster/looks nicer toys here and learned a lot from their website. I'm very glad with the EggRider display, because I can change the settings in half a minute and try different options while I'm outside riding. It also has two modes that I can set different and than I can switch between them at the touch of a button to instantly feel the difference. The new settings are than stored in a bike's controller so I can plug the display to my other bike just to change the settings and than ride it with my old display (till I buy another Eggrider). Nice also to have space for GPS on the stem now.
- Dean Cerne, Hungary

 Why we are the right partner for you:

✔️ Because our customers say so

✔️ We are the expert and contact person in the field of electrification of bicycles and mobile pedestals

✔️ Our products are quickly available

✔️ We give individual and free advice

✔️ We follow a sustainable approach: repairs must come before replacements!

✔️ Looking for the best performance? – We have it!

✔️ Simple replacement of individual components in the event of a defect