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CYC X1 Mounting Bashguard for BAC855 Controller
Mounting Part for ASI BAC 855 Controller This bracket can be used with both CYC X1 Pro and X1 Stealth motors. It is used to mount the ASI BAC 855 controller between the CYC motor mounting plates. The 4 screws and nuts for mounting are...
€39.99 * €49.99 *
CYC X1 Pro Carbon Front Cover
Carbon front cover for the CYC X1 Pro Motor This cover is mounted on the motor in the area of drive sprocket and chain tensioner, i. e. next to the chainring. Since there is only a little space between chainring cover and this front...
€19.99 * €24.99 *
CYC Stock Display 36-52V
Display for CYC Motor with Stock Controller Original stock display from CYC for X1 Pro Gen2 Motors (not with BAC Controller compatible). Features: Display outer diameter ca. 55 mm Screen shows most important information 3 integrated...
€99.99 * €119.99 *
CYC Stock Controller Wiring Harness EB-BUS...
This wiring harness only fits for CYC stock controllers (not for use with BAC Controller). 4 in 1 with connectors: 1x Throttle (3 Pin Higo connector yellow - male) 1x Display (7 Pin Higo connector black - male) 1x Brake Sensor (3 Pin...
€19.99 * €34.99 *
CYC X1 Pro Stock Brake Sensor
Brake sensors for CYC X1 Pro with stock controller This ebrake sensor is a reed switch with magnet, it is plug and play compatible with the CYC X1 Pro Motors with stock controller (not suitable for BAC controllers). The motor will cut...
€19.99 * €39.99 *
CYC X1 Pro an Stealth Chainring
Chainrings for CYC X1 Motors - incl. aluminium or carbon cover The chainring consists of 3 parts: Alu or Carbon cover (choose above), drive sprocket and bicycle chainring. There are also 3 size options available - each of them has a...
From €119.99 * €139.99 *
Battery Safe Bag 200 x 140 x 600 mm
Fireproof battery safety bag to store Lithium-Ion-Batteries! This safety bag consits of 3 layers resistant special fabric (tested according to EN 1869:2019) and protects you and your surroundings in case of battery fire or explosion. The...
€59.99 *
Bafang BBS02 Stator for wide bottom brackets
Original product from Bafang, for BBS02 motors. The only difference to the normal BBS02 stator is the longer thread for fixing the triangle. Therefore this stator can be used especially for BBS02 motors with longer axles (bottom bracket...
€99.99 * €144.99 *
CYC X1 Pro Gen1 PAS Sensor
PAS sensor for the 1st generation CYC X1 PRO motors This sensor is mounted on the axle of Gen1 Motor (no torque sensor) and connected with stock controller (yellow 3-pin HIGO plug - waterproof). An additional adapter cable is required...
€29.99 * €39.99 *
Magura MT5e Disc Brake for Bafang w/o Brake Disc
Original Magura MT5e Disc Brake for Bafang and CYC Brakes everything, also your motor – experience from motorbike sector paired with e-bike know-how. Braking force of 4 pistons and high stability ensure s-pedelecs benefit from more...
From €119.99 *
für 36V System
Bluetooth BMS
Smartphone App
490Wh Bottle Mount Battery 36V 10S 4P Super Shark
Quality 36V E-Bike Battery We offer this new generation of bottle mount batteries with many new features: bigger fixing area on the slide stronger material of the housing CNC cell holder custom nickel terminations for level fusing Smart...
€599.99 * €629.99 *
5 Pin HIGO Cable
Cable length: ca. 1 m, the green HIGO plug (female) is compatible with green display-plug on the wiring harness and has the following pinout: Black: GND Green: TXD White: RXD Brown: P+ Orange: PL This cable can also be used to create a...
€4.99 * €7.99 *
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