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How to optimize the battery range of your ebike?

Electric bicycles have become a popular alternative to traditional bicycles in recent years. E-bikes allow users to ride faster and farther without exerting too much effort. However, battery life is a limiting factor when using E-bikes. Fortunately, there are several points that can be used to optimize the battery range. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most important points.

Battery life is an important factor when using an E-bike, especially for longer rides or tours. Here are some tips to optimize the battery performance of your E-bike:

  • Choose the appropriate assist level: Using a higher level of assistance requires more energy, which reduces the battery range. Therefore, choose the assistance level that matches the route and your own fitness level.
  • Select the right gear: Choosing the wrong gear can cause the motor to spin too fast or too slow, which also affects battery consumption.
  • Preheat the battery: If you are riding in a cold environment, preheating the battery can help improve its performance.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of your E-bike and battery can help improve battery performance. Check the condition of the battery regularly using a smartphone app. We recommend doing this at least every 3 months.
  • Consider the tires: Wider tires increase rolling resistance and consume more energy. Therefore, use appropriate tires to minimize energy consumption.
  • Smooth riding style: A smooth riding style without frequent braking and accelerating helps optimize battery performance. Try to maintain a constant speed and avoid high speeds (except downhill descents).
  • Minimize total weight: A lighter E-bike requires less energy and therefore has a higher battery performance. Avoid unnecessary weight by removing accessories such as racks when not needed.


Conclusion: Optimizing battery performance can significantly improve the range of your E-bike. Therefore, choose appropriate assistance levels, use the correct gear, regularly check the condition of the battery, and maintain a smooth riding style. This way, you can enjoy longer and more relaxed rides with your E-bike. It is also recommended to follow our recommendations for winter storage (see blog).

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