How to mount the Lekkie Cover on Bafang BBSHD

You will need the following tools/aids for the work steps:

  • Allen key
  • 3 pieces of M4 screws 
  • rubber mallet
  • Straight piece of wood
  • adhesive tape
  • Iron file or Dremel
  • Lubricant (grease)
  • Loctite 243
  • Possibly a spare seal on the drive side


It is an advantage if you have a bearing press, but it is not absolutely necessary. In the video below we show the necessary steps. In general, it is recommended to grease the gears sufficiently. This has a positive effect on their service life - and the motor also runs more quietly. The second step in the video (filing the housing) is only necessary if you use the 40T chainring WITHOUT spacers. This would cause the chainring to touch the motor housing. Otherwise you can skip this step.

HERE you will find the corresponding instructions from Lekkie



Such a cover is also available for the Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 motor. You can find this product here. However, these steps are not necessary here, as this only replaces the plastic cover of the motor. This makes it much easier to assemble: loosen the 7 screws, replace the cover and screw it back on.

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