E-Bike Motor X1 PRO Gen4 Upgrades explained

The X1 PRO Gen4 Motor sets new standards in e-bike technology with its powerful motor, innovative X12 controller and improved torque sensor. With 3 major component updates and a few smaller ones, the x1 pro gen4 is more refined, more reliable and faster than ever!


The motor stator and rotor length have been increased by 10mm, allowing the motor to achieve higher power with an increased KV value, resulting in higher peak RPM. In addition to the length increase, the manufacturing of the rotor was also revised to ensure that the magnets remain securely in place under high loads.

Due to the characteristics of the new motor, which now has an expanded overall surface area, less phase current is required to achieve the same torque as the previous generation. Coupled with the X12, capable of delivering 180 phase amps continuously, the combined system can achieve a higher output torque of 250 Nm at the crank. The motor´s ability to do more with less contributes to an overall improvement in motor efficiency and better thermal performance.



X12 Controller

The X1 Pro Gen4 introduces the X12 controller, an upgrade from the X6 controller in the Gen3. This controller effectively doubles the capacity and can handle 84V (72V, 20S nominal) and 120A input, delivering up to 6 KW of power. The controller is capable of running up to 9 KW of input power and up to 220 phase amps, while the motor has been tested up to 8,5 kW. However, the system´s power limitations have been set to 6 KW and 180 phase amps to ensure that the controller operates within a comfortable range without straining electronic components.


Torque Sensor

The Gen 4 torque sensor underwent a housing overhaul to enhance its robustness compared to the previous version. The stationary and rotational components of the torque sensor remain the same as those in the X1 Pro Gen3, X1 Stealth Gen3 and Photon systems.


Chain Guard

A new heavy-duty chain guard is now directly assembled at the 104 BCD bolts. With a more durable torque sensor assembly solution, the chain guard can withstand impacts, especially in critical conditions.

219H Chain Tensioner

Thanks to the great customer feedback, the chain tensioner now features a one-sided spring tensioned with the chain cover, simplifying the installation process.


Source: cycmotor.com

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