CYC X1 Stealth - Installation mid-drive-motor

Now we have received our CYC X1 Stealth mid-drive motor and immediately mounted on our bike. The installation of his "big brother" CYC X1 Pro works the same way. In addition to the ring spanner and the Octalink nut, only standard tools (Allen key, screwdriver, cable ties) are required. We wrapped the cables with some spiral wrapping and collected them with the elastic Velcro. Our Bottle Bob is highly recommended for mounting the battery. 

We have chosen the small 32T chainring to achieve a good chain line on our bike. Any standard chainrings with 104 mm BCD can be used. Matching pulleys can also be used. Of course, the system is also compatible with our gear sensor.

The X1 Stealth motor fits on bikes with BSA 68-83 mm bottom brackets, as well as BB92 Pressfit bearings.

Here you can find the assembly video:

After about 3-4 hours, the installation was done and we did the first test ride on a nearby dirt road. We reached a speed of 50-60 km/h - using a 36V 500Wh battery.


The X1 Stealth is not only a beast but also a hell of a lot of fun. Our Fasterbikes team also tested the motor under load: We rode to a nearby reservoir: approx. 1400 meters in altitude and a distance of 18 Km. The CYC X1 Stealth also mastered this without any problems.

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