Customer Project - Chopper E-Bike, Harley Davidson

The frame was made by the customer. This enables to place and mount 3 piece 1000W Bafang BBSHD mid drive motors on the frame. The other parts are original Harley Davidson components. In addition to the 3 BBSHD motors, 3x Lekkie chainrings with 28 teeth, 3x DPC-18 display, 1x thumb throttle and 3x 14S 7P Li-Ion batteries with Samsung 35E cells (total capacity 3.000 Wh - 4200 Wh) were used. The total power of the bike is up to max. 5300W.


Technical details:

To get the 3 bbshd motors run synchronously - this was the main challenge. That´s very important since they are connected to each other with their own chain. This was solved this way: Each motor gets its own display, but they were controlled via a common control unit. For this purpose, intermediate cables were connected parallel and protected against mutual interference by means of diodes. Thus, all displays switch to the same support level when shifting up and down. Of course, the controller settings of each motor must match. The standard Bafang controllers were used for this project. The 3 batteries are stored in the side cases.


When using the sidecar, 3 more batteries were used - as the total weight is appr. 340 kg (bike + sidecar + 2 persons).



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