Bafang Upgrade BBS01 | BBS02

Would you like to get more out of your Bafang BBS01 or BBS02 motor? We'll show you how easy it is. By replacing the controller, you can increase the power of your motor and take your riding experience to a new level. Here you'll find everything you need to know.

Controller Replacement: Simple and Effective

There are 2 important things to consider:

1) Controller Version:
Do you currently have version A or B of the motor or controller? As visible in the image below, you can determine this based on the shape of the controller. So make sure you choose the appropriate controller for your motor.



2.) Voltage System:
Your new controller must be compatible with the voltage system of your current motor, either with 36V or 48V batteries. Here, we refer to the nominal voltage of the battery.

If both points match, then you can replace your old controller with the new one.

What versions of the BBS motor are available on the market?

Here's a brief overview:






250W, 350W





500W, 750W






For the BBS01 motor, there are controllers with a power of 250W and 350W - both run on 36V batteries. For the BBS02 motor, there is a 36V version with 500W. This controller is also compatible with the BBS01 motor. For the BBS02 motor, there are also 2 controllers running on 48V batteries - 500W and 750W. These two can be replaced by each other. For the BBSHD motor, there is only 1 controller with 1000W. This can be used with both 48V and 52V batteries. But be careful: The controller of the BBSHD motor only fits the BBSHD motor and therefore cannot be mounted on the BBS02 motor.

The difference is the max. Amp-value on the controller. For the 250W controller, this is 15A, for the 500W controller it's 20A, for the 750W controller it's 25A, and for the 1000W controller of the BBSHD motor, it's limited to 30A.

For using the drive unit on public roads and paths, comply with the applicable regulations of your country and adjust the settings on the motor or controller regarding maximum power and speed accordingly. The user is responsible for complying with these regulations. 

We hope this blog article has brought you closer to the different Bafang BBS versions and provided some helpful tips.

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