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3500-5000W E-Bike Motor CYC X1 Pro Gen3

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Tretlagerbreite/BB Size:

  • 7005-5M

E-Bike Conversion Motor CYC X1 PRO Gen3!

With this generation 3 the torque sensor has been improved and installation simplified. Also very nice: The new CYC smartphone app - setting options were reduced to the essential components, visually better prepared and also simplified with movable bars (instead of editable values).


  • New X6 controller
  • Optionally also X12 controller
  • New torque sensor and ISIS axle
  • Improved smartphone app
  • New displays DS103 and SW102
  • New speed sensor and magnet
  • Easy, improved motor mounting

This product includes only motor, controller, mounting parts, wiring and ISIS axle - but not the chainring, display, throttle, cranks, etc.

CYC X1 Pro Gen3 Motor is availabe for these bottom brackets (choose above):

  • BSA 68-83 mm
  • BB92 (BSA 100 mm version with incl. adapter)
  • BSA 100 mm
  • BSA 120 mm

The following items are included:

  • X6 Controller
  • Fixing parts
  • Speed sensor and magnet
  • Wiring harness
  • Spacer

The new X6 Controller can be connected to your smartphone by using bluetooth. After installing the new CYC App the motor settings can be changed to your preference without using a cable. In our DOWNLOAD area you can find lots of useful links and downlods (installation, user manuals, printouts, ...).


The new controller is one of the most significant updates for the new generation. The X-Controller Series is designed for you with in-house firmware giving way to optimized pedal assist and throttle experience. There will be 2 versions, namely the x6 (replacement for bac 855) and x12 (replacement for bac2000).

Nominal Voltage36 - 52V36 - 72V
Peak Phase Current110A180A
Peak Battery Current65A100A
IP RatingIP66IP66
Display CompatibilitySW102, DS103APT 500c, APT 750c, SW102, DS103
CYC Product CompatibilityX1 Pro Gen2 & 3, X1 Stealth Gen1 & 3X1 Pro Gen2 & 3

Torque Sensor:

The new Gen3 PAS (pedal assist system) sits integrated with the freewheel module so there´s no external wiring that can get caught, bent, or accidentally snapped. The CYC PAS runs with both the torque and cadence signal collected and is processed by the new controller to provide you with a pedal assist feeling like never before.


Smartphone App:

Instant torque and power, stable off road performance, responsive throttle, refined pedal assist experience - the x-series controllers are the key components to power all CYC motor systems. Introducing the CYC Ride Control mobile app, aimed to unleash all the possibilities at your fingertips. Experience an advanced settings selection and an on-the-go mode on the horizon. More details about the gen3 upgrades can be found here.

Motor manufacturer information:

  • 3500W (X6 Controller) & 5000W (X12 Controller)
  • Weight Motor and Controller: ca. 3,7 kg
  • Total weight (without battery): ca. 5,0 kg
  • Max. Torque: 200 Nm bzw. 280 Nm   

In order to be able to use the max. power of appr. 5000 watts, the x12 controller and a 72V (20S) battery must be used. It should be ensured, that the battery is sufficiently designed. We recommend to use batteries with high discharge rate (for example Samsung 30Q or Sony VTC) to handle the required 100A. The CYC X1 Pro motor can also be used with our 53V (14S) batteries. In this case, the max. power will be appr. 2000W.

Gen3 Upgrades Overview:

Attention: Please observe the regulations of your country if you use this drive unit on public roads and paths. If so, you have to adjust the motor settings - in particular max. power, speed and throttle - according to these regulations. The user is responsible for compliance with these regulations. Otherwise, this product may only be used on private and secured terrain!

Available downloads:
Customer evaluation for "3500-5000W E-Bike Motor CYC X1 Pro Gen3"

Der Motor macht viel Spass, man muß sich allenfalls am Anfang an seine Power im Gelände etwas gewöhnen, dann aber gehts ab.

Sehr starker Motor, und leicht einzubauen. Das Fasterbikes Team ist äusserst zuvorkommend und berät einen kompetent und mit viel Geduld. Meinen Dank speziell an Daniel und Luka die mir bisher bei alllen kleinen Problemen zur Seite standen.

Tretsensor geht nicht mehr!

Nach dem COntroller Upgrade mit dem x6 funktioniert der Tretsensor nicht mehr, ich habe also keine Tretunterstützung mehr.

Error Error Error

Granted i have the version with bac controller, but the reliability sucks. Sometimes it works, the other day not. Error 30, Error 21, Error ... Error .... Too bad, visually it looks nice but i need a working system.

Nicht zu empfehlen

Ich habe den x1 pro der Generation 2 und habe ihn mit upgrade kit auf 2.5 geändert. Dabei wird der Controller und Geschwindigkeitssensor getauscht. Leider geht seither der Drehmomentsensor nicht mehr - cyc sagt, sie müssen dazu in der App etwas anpassen (Basisspannung Sensor oder sowas). Dass sie sowas nicht vorher testen, nicht zu glauben. Die 3 Sterne nur wegen fasterbikes, die bemühen sich wirklich. cyc bekommt von mir 0 Sterne.

Nice Motor, but too noisy

It´´s incredibly powerful, but the noise is too loud for me, sorry.

Nur zu empfehlen!!!

Danke an das ganze Fasterbikes Team sowie an den Hersteller CYC! Sie haben vollen Support gewährleistet und mir bei der Installation des Motors jede Frage schnell beantwortet! An meinem Bullitt Cargobike habe ich nun ein Klasse Setup!
der Motor mach echt viel Spaß!

Super Service von FB sowie von CYC Motors. Alles wird bei möglichen Unklarheiten schnell beantwortet und geklärt. Der Motor macht eine super Arbeit und viel Spaß!

Super Service von FB sowie von CYC Motors. Alles wird bei möglichen Unklarheiten schnell beantwortet und geklärt. Der Motor macht eine super Arbeit und viel Spaß!

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