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500W E-Bike Conversion-Kit Bafang BBS02

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This is a complete conversion-kit - with all necessary parts - for you and your bike! 

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This conversion-kit contains the following components:

  • 500W motor with all necessary cables and fixing parts
  • Speed sensor
  • Original cranks from Bafang
  • Original chainring from Bafang with 46 teeth
  • Plastic cover for chainring
  • Color display DPC-18
  • Original thumb throttle from Bafang
  • Gearsensor
  • Velcro strech sleeve
  • Bottle mount battery (Super Shark 14S 4P, ca. 750 Wh))
  • Charger 2A
  • Mounting tool

Please use our set configurator if you want to assemble your set with other components!

This set is suitable for most bikes. To be sure it fits your bike as well, please note the following points: 

1) Bottom Bracket Size: 


Since this motor is available for bottom bracket widths from 68 to 75 mm, please measure your bike. We recommend to invert the bike and measuring the frame width at the bottom bracket. In the picture below you can see the bottom bracket - measuring only the frame width (68 mm in the following picture). 

If your bottom bracket size is between 75 and 92 mm, it´s necessary to use this axle extension.If your bottom bracket size is more than 92 mm this motor doesn´t fit - we recommend to use our 1000W motor.

2) Bottom Bracket Diameter: 

The motor axle has a diameter of 33,4 mm and is installed instead of the bottom bracket. If your bottom bracket width is more than 75 mm, it´s possible that your bottom bracket has a bigger diameter (pressfit bearings) and you need an adapter. We recommend to remove your bottom bracket, then you can easily measure the diameter. If it´s about 33/34 mm - no adapter is required. If it´s about 41/42 mm - our pressfit adapter is required. Please send us a photo to welcome@fasterbikes.eu if you are not sure - we will help you!

Attention: Please observe the regulations of your country if you use this drive unit on public roads and paths. If so, you have to adjust the motor settings - in particular max. power, speed and throttle - according to these regulations. The user is responsible for compliance with these regulations. Otherwise, this product may only be used on private and secured terrain!

Customer evaluation for "500W E-Bike Conversion-Kit Bafang BBS02"

Great kit, but observe the chainline

As a proud owner of a Cube bicycle, I decided to install this Bafang 500W e-bike conversion kit from Fasterbikes. The conversion kit is excellent, with easy installation instructions and a powerful motor. However, I faced an issue with the chainline on my Cube bicycle, which was not compatible with the kit, resulting in some adjustments and modifications. Despite this drawback, I am satisfied with the overall performance and functionality of the conversion kit.

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