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1500W E-Bike Conversion-Kit CYC X1 Stealth Gen3

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The brandnew E-Bike Conversion Kit with CYC X1 STEALTH Gen3 motor

This is a complete conversion kit for you and your bike - with all necessary parts!

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This set contains the following components:

  • CYC X1 Stealth Gen3 mid drive motor, incl. cables and mounting parts
  • ISIS axle
  • X6 Controller (up to 52V)
  • Speed sensor and magnet
  • Original CYC cranks
  • 38T chainring, incl. golden drive chain, freewheel and torque sensor
  • SW 102 display
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Charger 2A
  • 730Wh 52V Bottle Mount Battery Super Shark

The specification "730Wh" refers to the battery capacity (730W can be provided for appr. 1h) and has nothing to do with the max. power. If you want to use other set-components, please use our configurator.

In our DOWNLOAD area you can find lots of useful links and downloads (installation, user manuals, printout, ...).

This set is suitable for most bikes. To be sure it fits your bike as well, please note the following points: 

1) Bottom Bracket Size: 


Since this motor is available for different bottom bracket widths, please measure your bike and select afterwards above. We recommend to invert the bike and measuring the frame width at the bottom bracket. In the picture below you can see the bottom bracket - measuring only the frame width (68 mm in the following picture). 


2) Bottom Bracket Diameter: 

The motor axle of the BSA-variant has a diameter of 33,4 mm, the diameter of BB92-Variant is 41 mm. The mid drive motor will be installed instead of the bottom bracket. If your bottom bracket width is more than 75 mm, it´s possible that your bottom bracket may have 41 mm inner diameter. We recommend to remove your bottom bracket, then you can easily measure the diameter:

->If it´s appr. 33/34 mm and size between 68 and 120 mm: choose BSA above

->If it´s appr. 41/42 mm and size between 90 and 92 mm: choose BB92 above

Please send a photo to if you are not sure - we will help you!

The new X6 Controller can be connected to your smartphone by using bluetooth. After installing the new CYC App the motor settings can be changed to your preference without using a cable.


The new controller is one of the most significant updates for the new generation. The X-Controller Series is designed for you with in-house firmware giving way to optimized pedal assist and throttle experience.

X6 Controller
Nominal Voltage36 - 52V
Peak Phase Current110A
Peak Battery Current65A
IP RatingIP66
Display CompatibilitySW102, DS103
CYC Product CompatibilityX1 Pro Gen2 & 3, X1 Stealth Gen1 & 3

Torque Sensor:

The new Gen3 PAS (pedal assist system) sits integrated with the freewheel module so there´s no external wiring that can get caught, bent, or accidentally snapped. The CYC PAS runs with both the torque and cadence signal collected and is processed by the new controller to provide you with a pedal assist feeling like never before.


Smartphone App:

Instant torque and power, stable off road performance, responsive throttle, refined pedal assist experience - the x-series controllers are the key components to power all CYC motor systems. Introducing the CYC Ride Control mobile app, aimed to unleash all the possibilities at your fingertips. Experience an advanced settings selection and an on-the-go mode on the horizon.

Android-Smartphone App

IOS Smartphone App

The manufacturer recommends running the system with max. 14S (52V) batteries. Even tough it is the same controller as for X1 PRO motor and thus you could use it also with 72V batteries, the efficiency is better at lower voltages ensuring that pre-mature-wear cannot occur. The motor was designed to run best at 36V to 52V. If the motor ist operated with more than 52V (14S) batteries, the warranty claim is void!

Motor manufacturer information:

  • 1500W (X6 Controller)
  • Weight Motor and Controller: ca. 2,7 kg
  • Total weight (without battery): ca. 4,5 kg
  • Max. Torque: 150 Nm 

Gen3 Upgrades Overview:

Attention: Please observe the regulations of your country if you use this drive unit on public roads and paths. If so, you have to adjust the motor settings - in particular max. power, speed and throttle - according to these regulations. The user is responsible for compliance with these regulations. Otherwise, this product may only be used on private and secured terrain!

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