We are a crazy cycling family and experience the e-bike era with great joy. All startet with a 250W kit and with the fascination of more powerful engines ended in a mobility, we haven't had before . So the child carrier is a no brainer and the cycling tour is adrenaline kick.

It started the whole thing with the dissatisfaction of individual traders. Then orders from Canada, China, Belgium and a lot of research. We said: We can do better! Our goal is to provide the necessary parts centrally located in Europe available to answer technical questions and all at a fair price. We avoid expensive fairs or advertising and rely on your word of mouth to keep these prices. You can not imagine how much patience and risk with the (mainly Asian) suppliers we had, beside of all the fees due on delivery and toll.

Our aim is to offer you quality and timely delivery. An open pipe for questions and preservation of the environment is very important to us. Our roof is equipped with a 10 kW photovoltaic system and we provide our own vehicles with solar power.

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Patrick Tschigg

Our webshop team