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42T CYC X1 Pro Chainring 12/72T with Cover and Chain

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  • 7600-72AB

42T Chainring for CYC X1 Pro Motors - incl. cover and chain

The chainring consists of 3 parts: Alu cover, drive sprocket and bicycle chainring. This chainring has a Narrow-Wide design and fits for CYC X1 Pro motors. 

- 12/72T with 42T chainring

12/72T means motor sprocket (12T)/drive sprocket (72T) ratio, 42T means bicycle chainring with 42 teeth. Small bicycle chainrings are good for uphill rides, larger ones for higher speeds. Standard chainrings with 104 BCD can be fitted to all of these chainrings. A matching pulley can also be used.

- 12/72T, 42T: 500g weight, outer diameter: cover 190 mm, inner chainring 170 mm

When mounting, please make sure to place the wide teeth at the outer chain links and the narrow ones at the inner links (Narrow-Wide design). The matching golden drive chain is also included.

Note: The Drive sprocket of these chainrings is only compatible with the freewheel 1.0. If you use the freewheel 2.0, then you also need the matching drive sprocket (which is a part of the upgrade kit for freewheel 2.0).

This product doesn´t fit Bafang motors.

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