Our Projects and Customer Bikes

Cube Acid black’n’flashyellow, with Bafang BBSHD, 27,5", battery 14S 4P 14Ah, 700+ watthours or 17,5Ah, 900 watthours, 4A charger


Focus Hardtail with Bafang BBSHD and 14S 4P battery

Scott Genius LT30 180 mm travel with Bafang BBSHD and 42T chainring and 14S 5P batteryScott Genius LT, Size M, 180 mm travel

Cube Hardtail with Bafang BBSHD and 14S 5P HL battery

Propain Spindrift with 14S 5P battery and Lekkie Bling Ring and Additive Bag

Focus Black Forest LTD 27,5" with Bafang BBSHD and 14S 6P 21Ah battery

Qulbix Raptor 140 with Adaptto MaxE Controller, 20S 12P battery for up to 110 km/h

Qulbix Raptor 140 with Crystalyte 4080 in 24"

Qulbix Raptor 76 with Adaptto Midi Controller, 20S 9P battery

Puch Folding bike with allot of nice secret features, pics by Georg Simmerstatter

Puch Bike

Electrified Puch49 with our Domino throttle


Qulbix with Crystalyte 4065, 80V 20Ah, HammerSchmidt crank

Qulbix with Crystalyte 4065

Wheelchair handcycle doing easily 60 km/h with Crystalyte 4065 and 72V

Crystalyte handcycle

If you want to share your pics with Fasterbikes parts, send them to us: welcome@fasterbikes.eu